Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham City – Wii U vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison (Direct-Feed)

A graphics comparison of the Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham City on PS4 with Arkham City: Armored Edition on Wii U.

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Segata1702d ago

WHy compare a port to a version that was enhanced with a new engine? Shall we compare Super Mario Bros NES to the SNES version?

miyamoto1702d ago

because Wii U fans thought that the Wiik U can run Unreal Engine 4

Segata1701d ago

It can because UE4 can be scaled. Just it's not supported. Bloodstained is in UE4 and was running on Vita and Wii U. Only canceled since both systems are not selling.

Raider691702d ago

I would like to see hows the performance on Ps4.

Rivitur1702d ago

What the actual fuck is that thing on the right?

blawren41702d ago

A fantastic and underrated game on wii u with great gamepad usage.

hatsume-miku1701d ago

I agree! One of the best usage of gamepad! It's a pity that Arkham Origins doesn't support it the same way.

wonderfulmonkeyman1702d ago

Am I the only one that thinks both look fine?

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