Batman: Return to Arkham - Even more Unreal Engine 3 versus Unreal Engine 4 comparison screenshots

Below you can find more comparison screenshots between the UE3 and the UE4 versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City

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Null19801795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

How is it that some of these actually look worse? The Joker shot. Hugo Strange. This looks like a poorly done Remaster. Some of it's okay, like Mr. Freeze.

That shot of the Joker right after the one where Batman is holding him by the throat.... look at how all the life is sucked out of the Joker's eyes.

I absolutely loved these games on their original launch, but I don't think I will be picking this up.

garrettbobbyferguson1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It's really odd, so far everything I've seen of unreal engine 4 games are all beautiful. Even indie games like The Mean Greens are absolutely gorgeous.

Reibooi1795d ago

Yeah. I mean last gen I had issues with UE3 cause it had a habit of making games that used it look a bit to samey(which a handful of exceptions of course) But the UE4 has impressed out of the gate and it's kinda odd to see this not looking much better. I mean some stuff looks better in these screens but a good amount looks drastically worse. I mean the Hugo Strange one makes his eye brows and beard look terrible to the point of laugh ability.

All that said however it really doesn't surprise me given this is WB and all the terrible things they have done to their fans and Arkham Knight for PC users.

Also am I the only one who wants Arkham Orgins in this set? I mean I know it was not a Rocksteady game and that it had alot of game play bugs and what not but the story it told was really solid. Seems a shame to leave that out.

thekhurg1795d ago

Remake looks better to me. Just because that joker shot is from a slightly different angle and had heavier shadows on his eye socket because of the angle of his face doesn't mean the game looks worse... There are graphical improvements in every shot.

shuvam091795d ago

I mentioned it on another post...
The UE3 shots are pre-rendered cutscenes...
The faces aren't as good during gameplay, if I remember correctly...
As for the remasters, I am guessing they are going the Arkham Knight way, i.e. in-engine cutscenes...

Mega241794d ago

Yeah, one thing I hated about Arkham Asylum/City was the pre-rendered cutscenes running at 30 fps, made me nauseous to go from 60fps to sudden 30 for a cutscene. Also find annoying that Knight had that 30fps cap even though I could run it at 60fps. Haven't replayed it since, should give it a go again.

destroyer116871795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Comparing the same exact screenshots seems a tad unfair as the lighting and contrast has been altered quite a bit. But if the Mr. Freeze screenshot is anything to go by, plus how stunning arkham knight looked, I have every bit of faith that these remasters will look great in UE4. I suppose if you liked the greenish hue throughout arkham asylum, you might be disappointed.

But I say screw all the hate. I'm very excited that these games will get an extended life span, and a fresh coat of paint.

Edit: While virtuous is doing the remaster, they have a solid track record and they did in fact contribute to the making of arkham knight.

KnownAsEpic1795d ago

What does Arkham Knight looking good has to do with the remasters?

Null19801795d ago

Exactly. Rocksteady didn't do this Remaster. Virtuos did.

BlackRiderRazil1795d ago

If Rocksteady were doing this, I'd agree. But Virtuos looks like they have ignored RockSteady's art direction entirely and just tried to upres.. It looks awful.

kevnb1795d ago

its probably the same assets just rendered at a higher resolution and ported to unreal engine 4.

OoglyBoogly1795d ago

You people keep going on about lighting being better but so far all the original UE3 shots look better so what are you talking about?

Aurenar1795d ago

It's so impressive! I played Arkham Asylum so it would be a great chance, for me, to play this "Return to Arkham". I would play Arkham City at it's best setting, then I'll play Arkham Knight.

raclarsa1795d ago

By impressive, I hope you're referring to the UE3 screenshots, because they look WAAY better despite some lower-res textures. Must be the lighting which gives off a better atmosphere.

badz1491795d ago


Seriously dude, this is far from impressive. Oh and if you really wanted to plat Arkham City at its best settings, you should have played the PC version years ago. I got mine for $5.

SarcasticDuck1795d ago

incredible how they make the UE3 shots blurry to look a big step foward and yet, it still looks better than the remastered version lol

jcnba281795d ago

Terrible screenshots to compare smh.

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