Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

Cryomancer, like in other MMORPG, is not a hard hitting mage class. It utilizes crowd control abilities, which can be effective when clearing higher level dungeons with a party.

ChristopherGlassman2535d ago

I don't like the Cryomancers in most of the MMORPG game, except the TOS!!

AliKiek2534d ago

In fact, I prefer the Minecraft more


Tree of Savior Readies Server Merges and a New Hidden Class

Tree of Savior server merge plans are prepped for NA and SEA players next month while a new hidden class for the Swordsman tree is due to arrive next week.

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Tree of Savior Stats are Getting Tweaked

What stats affect and how damage and resistance applies are among the Tree of Savior stats changes arriving in the near future.

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2343d ago

New Tree of Savior Players Being Offered a Pile of Boosts

During a special month-long recruitment drive, new Tree of Savior players will be getting several bundles laden with leveling boosts.

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