GameSpy: Warhammer: Mark of Chaos -- Battle March Review

GameSpy writes: "To certain members of the legions of Warhammer table-top strategy fans out there, there's an itch that an MMO like Warhammer Online or RTS like the Dawn of War series simply can't scratch. It's the desire to see Games Workshops' venerable game of toy soldier combat brought intact -- complex rules and all -- to the videogame world. In 2006 Namco Bandai made a decent attempt to feed that need with Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, a "real-time tactics" game of strategic combat that did a passable job of bringing much (though not all) of the table-top feel to the PC screen. Now in 2008 comes Battle March, a solid expansion pack that adds a few nice touches but doesn't take the opportunity to improve a good but unremarkable strategy game.

The premise of Battle March is about as shallow and cookie-cutter as it gets, even for Warhammer, which has always been more about excuses for bloodshed than deep character studies. The chaos unleashed by the original Empire/Chaos conflict in the first game has fired up Gorbash, one in a long line of Greenskin "Warbosses" who sees an opportunity for the orcs to get in some "mighty big fights." Into the mix come the Dark Elves, who plan on using the march of the Orcs to further a deep and complex plan designed to bring them enormous power -- maybe. The muddled presentation of the storyline in the single-player campaign is not one of the game's high points, barely performing its solitary duty of providing connective tissue for the campaign."

+Fun new armies
+Good cut-scenes
+Excellent army-creation tool
+Fun multiplayer components

-Multiplayer connection issues
-Game imbalances
-Poor single-player campaign
-Poor battle animations

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adalwolfe5729d ago (Edited 5729d ago )

This review is for the pc version.. I wonder when reviews will come out for the 360 version.. not that it really matters to me, i already bought the game and have been really enjoying it. Just that a few of the problems he mentioned do not apply to the 360 version.

For example network connectivity, all users are using the same version so you never have problem connecting to another player as long as one is available.. And his comments about game imbalances are pretty weak, giving the example of dark elf knights, they are nearly equivalent to most other knights.. if he had trouble killing them he should of tried using spearmen or artillery, or gunmen, or flying units, or giant units or a hero heh. I'd say its just a complaint of a reviewer that didn't understand the tactics to use in a strategic warfare game.. actually i'd say that the units in this game have a lot of balance more so then most other RTT type games i've played, definitely better then rome total war where in multiplayer if you were not roman or using persian elephants your probably gonna lose (i tried in vain to win a match as the german barbarians but it was impossible in multiplayer against a semi competent roman).. anyway warhammer is definitely good in terms of balance much like the tabletop version it is based on, which has been refined for decades..

As for animations, i agree not the greatest... and the initial cutscene for the human alliance is god awful heh the commander almost looks like he could be a mii.. which would turn off some folks..but for the rest of the campaign, and the other campaigns its passable.. cutscene don't really matter all that much to me though since its the only RTT game available for this generation of console at this time or any time to come..at least i don't know of any RTT's coming down the pipe does anyone else? i know of RTS's.. which in my opinion are kinda lame.. anyway warhammer has definitely satisfied a craving I had to play this genre of game.

Oh another thing, the author of the review indicates that this game is influenced by the total war series which is very inaccurate, this game is based off many warhammer RTT predecessors going all the way back to 1995 like "Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat" which I also loved, see here:

If anything these games influenced the total war series since even shogun total war didn't come out until 2000.. sorry to post soo much.. i'll stop my rant now :P


Warhammer: Battle March - Classic Warhammer RTS Still Shines Brightly

Warhammer: Battle March launched back in 2008, and offered an interesting take on console RTS after a successful PC release.


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