Rockstar Games Teasing Something Red: Is a Red Dead Redemption Sequel Coming?

Rockstar Games just updated its official site with a completely red splash screen, that you can see above. It appears to be something quite relevant, as the studio’s social media channels are also echoing the change.

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DragonDDark731d ago


Genuine-User731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

Hyped! I'm excited to see the new Red Dead!

bouzebbal731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

i think it is red dead remaster
i never get my hopes too high

b163o1731d ago

How can RDR get a sequel when it is a..... you know what never mind. Hype switch engaged!!!!

freshslicepizza730d ago

on pc please whatever it is, remastered and or a new game

morganfell730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Rockstar San Diego is working on Red Dead 3. The other studios will contribute but they (RSD) have been in development for 2 years. This could be about a RDR remaster, but that doesn't alter the fact the 3rd game in the series is being built at RSD.

Concertoine730d ago


RDR remaster is unlikely... the game is very complex code and that is the reason it never had a PC port and why it is glitchy as far as Rockstar games go. It's also why the multiplayer is broken to this day. Members of the dev team often said it was a miracle it ever came out.

In other words - get hyped for Red Dead 3!

mikeslemonade730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Nope. We want GTA6 not another boring Red Dead.

Red Dead only had good graphics at the time. Gameplay was dry as heck.

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MasterCornholio730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Agent is black.



Depends on your interpretation of soon.


notachance730d ago

It's been 3 years since GTA V, I'd say it's about damn time!

XanderZane730d ago

They had already hinted last year that the game was in the works. Maybe they finally have a teaser to show. Can't wait.

Crazyglues730d ago

So where is it already.. ???

Perjoss730d ago

Careful guys, Red Dead isn't the only 'red' game that R* makes:

SenorFartCushion730d ago

So when people blame hye for a game bwing disappointing.....I'll be right to blame people like you?

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Walker731d ago

Everything's just changed red too. Website has that exact image, Twitter banner image has change to that image and its Twitter avatar has changed to a black background with its logo in red.


InMyOpinion730d ago's another f*cking remaster. :(

nowitzki2004730d ago

At least it would be a game worthy of a remaster.

InMyOpinion729d ago

Sure but it would be a big letdown for me.

ocelot07731d ago

I want Red Dead 3. Not a sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

HRoach616730d ago

Red dead 3 would be a sequel to red dead redemption. Redemption was red dead 2 essentially

ocelot07730d ago

As solidossnakos said I mean a new story new characters ect. I keep seeing people saying they want Red Dead Redemption 2. To me that would make no sense.

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-Foxtrot731d ago

If it's RD3 then please god don't let them focus on the online and multiplayer DLC

5p4c3d731d ago

yea right, after GTAOnline, this is their bread and butter now. I actually liked red dead's online more then GTA's though. Id say its safe to assume it will be back in red dead in a big way for better or worse.

SgtPepper1806731d ago

I adored Red Dead online. It's probably the best online experience I ever had, sans maybe Halo 3. But GTA online was ruined by shark cards. I'm terrified they'll do it to Red Dead too.

Oschino1907730d ago

Please site one time sharks cards ever directly affected you in a negative way while playing online?

Nitrowolf2730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

You know it will be..

I mean gta sp dlc isn't being done because of it.

They've seen the success of it and are gonna keep going with it.

That's ashame to as red dead redemption had one of the best multiplayer

-Foxtrot730d ago

I don't see why they don't get a smaller studio to work on a separate online part for whatever main game the bigger studios are doing. Then they can release it either on the same day or a month or so down the line. An optional download.

Then the bigger studio can work on single player DLC or the next IP. They have enough money to do this.

Long as they stick to one character in the single player I'm good.

Phill-Spencer730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

I think it they could have used a second Team for singleplayer dlc for gta BUT(i like big buts^^) i'm sure they they want to avoid pulling players away from gta online, which is a unimaginable Huge money maker for Rockstar. So i'm afraid they repeat they same strategy for red dead multiplayer.

Skankinruby730d ago

Very unlikely unfortunately, after the huge success of GTA online

Red_Renegade730d ago

red dead was a lot of fun online?

rynodigital730d ago

You mean you're not gonna pay real money for some RD Snake Oil cards?

Phunkydiabetic1730d ago

Why? Red Dead had amazing online. And the Undead Nightmare DLC was fantastic. They do both things right in nearly all their games, why would you want them to not to it this time? Go back to 1993 and play SNES or something.

-Foxtrot730d ago

Urgh before you get on your high horse and throw shade you'll see I didn't call the quality of the online

They spent all their time on the multiplayer in GTAV with shitty MTs that the single player had no post launch content

Phunkydiabetic1730d ago

You gotta be shitting me. Have you ever PLAYED GTA Online or do you just like whining about multiplayer games? They have steadily released awesome updates for years. All for free. There is nothing "shitty" about what they've done. And don't even start about the shark cards. They do nothing to affect the online.

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