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VR is upon us and boy does it succeed. The easy setup and comfortable headset make the PlayStation VR a pleasure to use. Strategically placed lights on the headset with the PlayStation camera paired with faultless 120Hz latency creates some special moments and truly places you inside the game. It has to be seen to be believed and where best to start than with the PlayStation VR.

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G20WLY1840d ago

Universal praise!* Tech works great and everyone agrees that the games are there in number and quality. This is an excellent start!!

(* except for the pussy that was sick lol)

C-H-E-F1840d ago

The one thing I didn't like was the wires, they kept getting in the way of my left arm. Which isn't a big deal just a nuisance.

CrazedFiend1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

No worries. If it sounds well enough we'll be getting a Bluetooth version somewhere down the road I imagine

C-H-E-F1839d ago

Yeah, but bluetooth adds lag, thats why they went with the wired version, i def. don't have an issue with this route it's just games like RIGS and London Heist had me pumped and i was moving alot more than other games like Luge, Driveclub so it would get in my inner shoulder at times and get tangled with my controller. I don't see how they can go bluetooth with them being so close to the VR lag threshold. I believe the threshold is 20ms and PSVR is at 18ms. The PS4 controller bluetooth is currently at like 10-13ms so that would put PSVR well over the threshold and we all would be throwing up haha.

I'm sure in time better cheaper tech will come around to allow them to lower the latency so that we can enjoy it wirelessly but that may be PS5 gen. As I said before it's not a deal breaker just one of those UGHH MOVE OUT THE WAY nags lOl.

NukaCola1839d ago

PS5 will definitely have VR 100% in mind. The next headset will most likely be Bluetooth, HDR and even better. Like Shuhei said, we are in the next phase of PS1.. and in time we will see an amazing future with VR and also AR and mixed realities.

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