Microsoft Xbox Console Sales Double After Price Cut

Retailers reported a 100 percent increase in sales for all models compared with the previous weekend, Redmond, Washington- based Microsoft said in an e-mailed statement. Some models sold at six times the previous weekend's rate. The company didn't say how many were sold.

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mohib-uddin79865323691d ago

"Microsoft said to bloomerg through an email...."


krik3691d ago

Let me see...

Weekend 1: People knowing about the price cut (it was all over the sales ads from major retailers) wait a week before making their purchase

Weekend 2: Price cut starts, everyone that was waiting goes out and buys a xbox 360

Is this good? Probably not but I'm most likely wrong

Anyway, it would be WAY more impressive if they reported DOUBLE the average weekend sales for YTD

Light Yagami3691d ago

I want sales figures, not percent or something. I could've sold 15,000 last week.

mikeslemonade3691d ago

Krik is correct read his comment above.

The weekend before the 360 was no where to be seen on the Amazon top 100 video games. How about we compare it to the first week of August. The increase would obviously be less and i'd say only 50% at the most.

sonarus3691d ago

lol yea sales doubled after first week big deal. Now what happens after that is what really counts

masterg3691d ago

Why do you guys always have to downplay it.

If the 360 sells double that is great for MS, even if it doesn't last long. I think Sony is looking at this an thinking it might be time to cut the price by $100 this holiday.

A PS3 price-cut, in early November would give them a big edge in the holiday numbers.

Rekyyli3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

PS3 selling = Good thing

Xbox 360 selling = Bad thing

That´s the very basic fanboi-logic right here in N4G.
Makes great sense.

ape0073691d ago

ms desreves this

a console that have the best online service and the best shooting games and you can get resi5,tfu,mirrors edge gears 2,fable 2

I truely predect from the bottom of my heart that if sony doesn't cut the ps3 price,ms gonna outsell them in the end

btw I love both consoles and I think ps3 is the better,so no fanboyism,just my thoughts

AAACE53691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I bet the Arcade 360 and Madden 09 were the main sellers!

Like I said before... Alot of people buy a console just to play Madden and don't care about any of the other games!

Only the NPD results will clarify this though.

Beast_Master3691d ago

MS annouced the price drop back at E3 so everyone that was waiting for the price drop ran out and picked it up. Now the question is how will it impact sales during the holiday. Are we going to see sustained sales like this or did everyone who was waiting basically grab theirs in September and then level off. Interesting to see what happens. Especially when the warranties start to run out in November.

BabyStomper50003690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

A little over a year ago it was the other way around... and don't forget about those multiplat ports.

To all that think PS3 needs another price cut: It'll happen when they quit selling so good. But right now they're doing just fine at their 4-500 dollar price point.

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HighDefinition3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

A bunch of people were just whining about how "retail stats" aren`t NEWS.


BTW, I think BOTH should be allowed.

Fishy Fingers3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

This article is based around an e-mail released by MS (loosely mind, it's not much of an article), the other that you link to revolves around the SKUs position on Amazons charts. There's a difference.

HighDefinition3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I think a EMAIL is the same thing.

I think AMAZONS stats are more VALID then a EMAIL, actually on 2nd thought.

NPD will sort this out.

VF34EJ253691d ago

I would say using Amazon is inaccurate and shouldn't be a viable source for sales.

HOWEVER, it doesn't change the fact that after the PS3 got a price cut, it shot to Number 1 or top 10 on amazon for weeks. As well as the MGS4 bundle. And even the new 80gb is still in the top 10 right now.

So what's the deal with the 360 staying in the 30's rank, who knows.

We'll see what NPD looks like next month.

Tacki3691d ago

Technically the Amazon sales of the 360 SKU's could have doubled as well. Even if one of the SKU's only reached 17 at the highest (I believe that's what it was), at times before there wouldn't even be a single SKU in the top 100. So really the same thing could have been experienced at Amazon... it's just that sales were rather low to begin with at that particular retailer.

Though really I expected this increase. You can't look at this and think it will make NO difference. There was obviously going to be a spike. We'll just have to see how big the sales are and how long sales are able to stay at whatever level they've reached.

pumpkinpunker3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Amazon sells one PS3 console -- the 80 gb model

Amazon sells 4 different 360 consoles right now -- the 60 gb, 20 gb, 120 gb, and the arcade model. all 4 models are reasonably popular.

therefore, the sales are split up for the 360 between 4 different units adversely influencing the rankings for the 360 console. if amazon combined the sales of each 360 model before ranking it then amazon sales rankings would mean something, but they don't. does this make any sense to you, fanboys?

ReBurn3691d ago

The only thing Amazon represents is Amazon. How many people look at retail store ads and then go buy the thing on Amazon?

RoidRage3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

The 360 has 4 sku's on the market, the ps3 has 1,right. With 360 sales broken into 4 parts on Amazon. I don't think the ps3's single sku being a higher rank is any suprise. It doesn't in anyway mean the ps3 is outselling the 360 as a whole, just that it's out selling the 360's individual sku's.

Amazon isn't what I would put "numbers" faith into anyway.

edit- sorry pumpkin, I didn't realize that you already made this point +bubbles

robbo9183691d ago

So its ok to dismiss Amazon sales (which are at least actual numbers) but we should hold up an "email" from MS? Of course MS is going to say this but its funny they list that they sold 6 times (an actual number) but then say they aren't sure how many sold. So I know for a fact that I sold X times and Y percent but I don't have an actual number.

I am sure they did well but talk about some major PR.

RoidRage3691d ago

Why shouldn't anyone take this e-mail serious. It was from MS. I didn't see any Sony fanboys crying foul when Sony announced that they had sold 10 mil PS3's in 2007, although NPD, Media Create, and Charttrack had combined numbers of just over 6 mil PS3's sold in'07.

3691d ago
Immaculate3691d ago

I think "spam" is what I'm looking at in your post.

NipGrip3691d ago

Yes, Fishy Fingers.. An email from Microsoft's marketing dept. is much more reliable than actual Amazon sales figures. Yeeaahhh.. Do you even hear yourself? MS is the king of spin in the gaming arena.

ape0073691d ago

man do you hate that piece of plastic this much,I mean what's that


BrownPowerzz3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

That list of bullsh!t is only suitable for the open zone at it's best! My son has more imagination than I see you have writing that list of nonsense.

I reported your post as SPAM, and I hope the moderators agree!!

Price cuts for the 360 is great news for GAMERS who wants super value for their money, IMO!!

GarandShooter3691d ago

'31. is not aerodynamic (ps3 are the most aerodynamic) haha!'

Come on NS, you've got to admit this one was pretty funny, and somewhat imaginative.

arika3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

sorry about that fellow gamers specially to NS with his young heart he might not be able to handle what i said. i just wanted to let it out of my chest. now that i did i feel better.

so this is my 2 cents on this topic.
it all boils down to what games do we really want to play. the price drop is a good thing, but you have to think why did they have to do it? there is something fishy there. right, and you also have to think of quality and the shape because ps3's are aerodynamic even if you throw it on the air it will just glide down on the ground others unfortunately will just fall down. hahaha! ok see you guys around. make love not war but if you want to fight ill see you in resistance 2 30 vs 30 online! nuff said!

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

(Say no more!!!)

TheOtherGuy3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

ROMP ROMP ROMP so tasty ^_^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheMART3691d ago


Something the Sony Defense Force couldn't prevent?

That's pretty rare.

Microsoft_Spokesman3691d ago

I guess everyone needs a toaster these days.

-Maverick-3691d ago

lol get over it Nasim, The PS3 is a crap console this generation. Period. I have one sitting next to my 360. Xbox 360 does everything better except play a Blu ray movie.

PS3 is garbage and it going where it deserve's to be this generation and where it's been so far 3 years into this generation. Dead Last. Enjoy.

And if PS3 does ever catch up and get a couple of good games, it's so far behind being a good gaming's just funny. Almost all PS3 games have 5gb installs like Bioshock(another hand-me-down from the superior Xbox already won GOTY on the 360, sorry, try again) lol PS3 is so laughable.

PS3 is crap. Even the "big games" it has coming are nothing but no-name Sony franchises like Killzone, Resistance and "MAG" LOL

PS3 sucks, is still losing and best of all....a MUCH MUCH inferior console when compared to the XBox 360.

felidae3691d ago

@Maverick ...

you have no brain

-Maverick-3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

You're right... what was I thinking???

My PS3 is just sooo amazing. It has so many good games(just go to metacritic and take a look), so many more and better features than the Xbox 360. The best controller, online integration with games, interface(lol it's horrible compared to the 360 and the 360 is about to get a full fall update to make 8 person party's and much more hahaha..PS3 doesn't even compare), the best well-known franchises that are guaranteed to be AAA....just like all the Sony-developed games so far this generation(lol FLOPS)...the best static-filled voicechat, and the biggest FLOP of a console in history when compared with the Playstation 2. There is so much more PS3 sucks at.

PS3 is just crap. If Killzone sucks, I'm selling it. I dont listen to idiot drones anymore.

PS3 is not a very good gaming machine. XBox 360 is WAY better. In everything except playing a Blu ray movie. lol Huge Installs that are MANDATORY and take up about 1/6 of my 40GB harddrive.

Are you that stupid?? Do you not realize why the PS3 was 600 and you have huge installs??? Because Sony ripped you off with a Blu ray push their own agenda. 99% of games are better on the 360. Period. What do you not understand??

You understand. You're just an idiot.

PS3 is crap and is coming in dead last. Get used to it. Xbox 360 deserves to win. It's the better console.

PS3 is still millions in last place...I've been playing the 360 for a long time now and it's STILL the industry leading console....with the new Xbox already getting alot closer ; )

Playstation is no longer the industry leader, like it or not, and doesn't deserve to be. It's in dead last. : )

Get over it. PS3 isn't that great, whatsoever. You are a drone. PS3 SUCKS.

pixelsword3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

...It will have an increase, but it will ultimately not make a difference past Gears of War. I don't see Fable 2 being a blockbuster I'm afraid. America isn't into RPG's on consoles like Japan is. I don't see Fable 2 making lots of money off of the old customer base since many of them were upset off of the first one.

The 360 might outsell the PS3 this christmas if two things happen:

1. the PS3 doesn't advertise their games, specifically Killzone (they hardly ever do anyways, so that plays into Microsoft's favor)

2. the PS3 doesn't lower it's price.

If that happens, the 360 should well outsell the PS3 this christmas. I don't know if it will oustell the Wii, because the "Wii shortage" rumors are false, seeing it can outsell both the 360 and PS3 every month; that's just common sense to see that Nintendo is just creating shortages in certain areas at certain times to keep interest high.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Nope! Still(68%68%68%68%RRoD)not Failed yet(this Story)... ;-D
I'll have a look(68%68%68%68%RRoD)in the Morning.
This should/will be Top(68%68%68%68%RRoD)Story by then. Zzzzzzzzzz
(Wonder if anyone noticed my Subliminal message???) ;-D

Rhoic3691d ago

Ken Kutagari cant read too well.. all of that RROD stuff.. was claimed for 2005-2006.. 2008 has lowered to problems significantly.. and honestly? If people cared about it, they wouldn't play the damned thing, so you fail.

theKiller3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

this website that i will be giving u shows the people in some europian country who wants to sell their consoles
this includes ps3,360,ps2,xbox,psp,wii,nds etc

and all i can see is people wants to sell their 360's

u dont need to understand the language because sometimes pictures can say what words fails to say!!

just keep clicking on all the pages on this site 1..6..13

360 is finished! every body is selling their 360 and i think its time for u guys above also

tomorrow is the big surprise!! NPD numbers!

whats up @theMART?? u r jumping ship now to ps3?? wats next, resistance 2 avatar?? well dont worry if u behave and repent from the way u used to be a bot and how whiny childish u were on xbox live then sir ken will grant u the pass to get a ps3, other wise forget it!

Ramrod3691d ago

Maverick - you're a bigger idiot for buying a system that you don't like.... pretty moronic if you ask me. Why don't you sell it and just by a blu-ray player or make a video of you destroying it or something? If not, then deep down you do really like the PS3 and you know it's better then the Crap box.

This story is so crap it's not even funny, of course the sales are going to be huge the first few days, the reall story will be over Christmas and if these sales will last.

PS3 - is going to destroy the xbox between now and Christmas 2009 mark my word.

Spread Butt Cheeks3691d ago

but this site is filled with driods that dont like their purchase of a ps3. thats why there are way more on here complaining than 360 owners. 360 owners are playing games. bu bu bu teh CELL. OMG AFRIKA IS AMAZING. lol, Sony fvcked this generation up.

deathray3691d ago

That goof Maverick is really really REALLY dumb!

bosels113691d ago

since this is the open zone - hey Maverick, how does Bills d!ck taste? sounds like you love it! dumb A$$

Martini3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Hahaha the Droids are getting owned and b1tch slapped left and right in this thread, that's some funny stuff :)

BLuKhaos3691d ago

Well winter is coming up.I guess people are stocking up on heaters.

eagle213691d ago

It makes all kinds of weird noises and heats up when it plays Too Poo-man and Infinite Undishi$$ery with frame drops and pure crap graphics. 360 needs to have installs (sorry M$, but your arcade is gimped) to play Mass Effect or NG2 without those horrible frame drops and screen tearing. LMAO

What's amazing about a console that gets too damn hot, plays flops (I think the most recent critical flops will do the trick), and will die by the hands of Microsoft by 2010?

Does the 360 have any first party games anymore? Pure bullshi$ if you ask most gamers. Only the most delusional nutcase will believe the 360 is amazing. A pure fackin' nutcase!!!

Wake up. :)

karlostomy3691d ago

that Maverick used to, in fact, be a ps3 fan!

That's right. He used to comment negatively on the 360 and pro the ps3.

I guess he realised the delusions and hype that most (hardcore) ps3 fanboys have succumbed to.

Well done Maverick. Good on ya, Mate!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3691d ago

@Rhoic Shame You can't see the TRUTH!!! ;-D You FAIL
+Er i didn't say it was 68% now??? Seems you can't read to well to!!! ;-D

PopEmUp3691d ago

more xbot kids on board this holiday season

morganfell3691d ago

The fact is these are not Bloomberg's figures or the industry's per se. The report is based on a statement from Microsoft who didn't actually release any figures only claiming that in some areas the console sold 6 times as much as normal. So, 6 units instead of 1? It's BS from MS and they are desperate as hell.

This is nothing more than the usual MS crap damage control that takes place right before really bad NPD figures appear. Ha ha, losers. Lies from MS won't change the cold hard facts.

Pain3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

and just like the junk the crap the Church spews....surrrrreee.....what ever u say.....

Fact PS3 is going to kill xbox 2 this xmass. want proof? watch World cup Soccer on the TV and tell me what that HUGE black sign-bored says behind the says PLAYSTATION 3.

spin away~

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Omega43691d ago

I guess amazon doesnt represent the whole of NA....what a surprise

chaosatom3691d ago

Have seen the sales figure already? Did it outsell the ps3?

Xbox did move up the list in amazon.

And second?

Did u sell u your ps3 to buy a cheaper 360 because it has FF13 now?

Can u tag your pic with 360, it's really annoying u know.

Fishy Fingers3691d ago

^^Mods/Admins have agreed that amazon/"news" based on amazon are not news worthy so they'll just get deleted.

Well at least until N4Gs "shopping" tab comes online.

leila013691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

why do you care? He doesn't have to own the same console as you to be happy. The PS3 is a nice console, but no everyone can afford a 400 dollar console (I'll rather you that amount of money to buy clothes, shoes... than a console).

I hope all this will make Sony drop the price of the PS3; I know a lot of people that want one (including me) but it's just still too expensive. Sure it's worth the price, but still...

-Competition is a good thing-

thebudgetgamer3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

but i think im going to have to wait till tax time to get one
@leila01 so i guess commpetition isnt a good thing fanboys are funny
isnt it funny how worked up people can get about a console they dont own

NipGrip3691d ago

Sony isn't going to put the PS3 in the bargain bin like MS has done out of desperation to sell consoles. Sony is selling PS3's like crazy now and you don't have to do that. By the holidays, maybe. But with hot titles, BR, and everything else going on with it, it's selling itself.

Now, this "news item" is nothing but expected. Of course sales will increase right off the bat. But it reeks of the *one* week the 360 actually sold more than 12 units in Japan and it was heralded and just touted and cheered on and then next week.. Crickets again so yeah. Don't get all uppity just yet red ringers. That death knell is still ringing MS just put some earmuffs on you so you can't hear it so well perhaps.

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