Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 again in September [US, UK, AU]

A slimmer PlayStation 4 wasn't enough to slow down Microsoft's momentum.

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Brazz2544d ago

Impressive, X1S taking NPD at P4slim launch. Congrats to Xbox team.

donthate2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Recovery was last year. This year, MS seems to be taking the lead in places. What is more impressive is they are the only one seeing a year-over-year growth!

MS seems to do what seemed impossible last year, and I wonder if MS will do something that seems impossible now, but next year.

Can't wait for the monster!

GrontB2544d ago

I don't know if 2 or even 3 months of outselling the ps4 in the US only is considered a recovery. I cant speak for worldwide sales but I'd say ps4 won overall or was close to equal when it comes to the big picture.

Lonnie182544d ago

@donthate, what monster?

morganfell2544d ago

Microsoft has worked hard to recover and restore the faith among gamers.

However, with the Slim moving into full sales and the appearance of PSVR, then in November the PS4 Pro, that is it for MS leading in the US for the remainder of this year and early into next year.

Gazondaily2544d ago

Congrats Microsoft. Well deserved

Cindy-rella2544d ago

Again people celebrate a npd win which is only sales in the usa while any victory xbox one sees over ps4 is wiped out by only sales from japan. Worldwide the ps4 domination over the xbox one is even greater and normally 2 : 1 or more on a monthly basis.

Xbox one has been having aggressive bundles and price deals to where you can get the xbox one for almost half the price of a ps4 with 5 free games. Even with crazy deals the xbox one barely wins npds and a couple months a year in the UK while ps4 dominates worldwide.

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shiva12544d ago


Best selling console in India. If u say ps4 is selling left right center all over the world.... U should be having at least one reference from each country.

For India u can check amazon.in. And before u say anything else.... Xbox is officially available through amazon India only and none other.... Thats what is said by Microsoft.

fr0sty2544d ago

Impressive win in North America, though they remain behind worldwide. PS4 Pro launches next month. Many people who do not already have a PS4 are holding out for it, as it's only $100 more but 2X as powerful. The holidays will be the true test for how much momentum Xbox actually has.

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bouzebbal2544d ago

I like this and it is very expected with nice looking cheaper 4k drive sku.
Let's see what the effect of slim PS4 and VR is in October.
Maybe future PS4 owners are waiting for pro.

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dedicatedtogamers2544d ago

Recovery? The gap in NA and UK (we'll ignore the rest of the world, just like Microsoft does) has only grown in PS4's favor this year.

drunkenspy0072544d ago

@donthate. They're way too far behind to take the lead. 2 or 3 months in the lead with the xb1 won't make up for the years of being behind.

4Sh0w2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Great news for the console with no exclusives....anyways X1 was doing fine before beating ps4 & this just proves folks like gaming on consoles so just enjoy your games folks.

xfiles20992544d ago

27-8 is not impressive Once the pro comes out Sony will start winning again

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mikeslemonade2543d ago

A meaningless statistic. But I bet you worldwide PS4 still won. This war was over in E3 2013. The xbox never had a chance.

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VoodooProject2544d ago

It's selling well because if the 4k UHD Blu-ray player.

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VoodooProject2544d ago

So it must be their great games line up.

mark_parch2544d ago

i'm sure horizon 3 and gears 4 might have something to do with it as well

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Kribwalker2544d ago


"it sold well because MS is basically giving them away. plus free games.
people aren't buying the ps4 because the pro is coming out in a month. "

The last 2 npd everyone said they were waiting for the ps slim and September would be different........as well, it was top seller in the U.K a place where they were having a fire sale on OG PS4 for £149 which the Xbox one has never seen that low of a price there before

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NoFanboyJustLovGames2544d ago

so true, so many people think it don't matter but for 4k TV buyers its a steal

IamTylerDurden12544d ago

Supposedly it's the worst 4K blu ray player you can get. It's missing essential features and is not future proofed like many UHD players are.

lnfiniteLoop2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

considering others think its not needed (well obviously some people want a UHD drive)... and because its not available on any PS4, personally thats why a friend and I bought one each (having Gears4 is a bonus)... (we own both machines PS4 and XB1S), btw: games look great (and play) on the XB1S with a 4K TV

VoodooProject2544d ago

@Sampson. So you are saying the Playstation 4 Pro killed the Playstation 4 slim? Strange that's what people said with the Scorpio but since the Xbox One S release its selling well.

@IamTylerDuren. The worst UHD Blu-ray player? Because it does not support Dolby Atmos and DTSX? Well if that's the cause the Playstation 4 Pro doesn't support that either on the their standard Blu-ray drive.

chadwarden2543d ago

People are waiting for the Pro to drop

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Genuine-User2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Congrats to Microsoft. Competition is good for Microsoft and Sony; keeps them in check.

Off topic: Gears of War 4 is a lot of fun!

Overload2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Yeah, this was unexpected. Sony screwed up releasing the Slim so close to the Pro.

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Ju2544d ago

Since when are standard and slim sales separated? Releasing the Slim or not had no impact to people waiting for the Pro anyhow

Overload2544d ago

The Pro releasing so soon is definitely effecting PS4 sales.

If I didn't have a PS4 I would just wait a month or two. It's not like it's that much more expensive.

Aenea2544d ago

Nah, they didn't screw up. I'm betting that if they hadn't released the Slim the sales of the PS4 would've been even lower! Because of the Slim, which is priced lower than a regular PS4 used to be, the price of the old ones are lower now too which is bound to mean more people going for it now.

The biggest issue I feel is the looming PS4 Pro release. Many people who know about it will want to wait...

XanderZane2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Sony screwed up releasing the PS4 Slim this year.. period. Not sure what their executives were thinking. PS4 Slim should have launched in 2017. The only reason they launched it now was to try to put the XB1 Slim sales in check and that failed miserably.
People can disagree all they want. Now the PS4 Slims sits on retail shelves while gamers wait patiently for the PS4 Pro to launch. I would love to see sales total for the PS4 Slim YTD and the PS4 Pro a week after launch. The PS4 Pro is going to kill the PS4 Slim in sales. Sony has their own hardware competing against each other.

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lelo2play2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

X1Slim was #1 in the USA and UK for September. It's surprising since Sony had those cheap 150£ PS4 deals. Also wasn't expecting X1Slim to win after the PS4slim launch. Guess most people are waiting for the PS4 Pro.