The Battlefield 1 Scene That Left Me Speechless

Battlefield 1's single-player experience is something to behold and one scene from the shooter in particular tugs at the heart strings.

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saywat2471809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

it was a very touching scene and showed just how sad the war is or any war for the matter. but speechless? i saw a youtube video that also said it was speechless in the title, which i think is kind of a stretch tbh. idk what exactly was speechless about the scene, i think you guys are just reaching, but like i said it was a sad scene. i do like the direction ea is taking with this game tho (ex putting the names of real soldiers when u die and how u play as another soldier to continue the story to show that the war still goes on, one dies and other just keep fighting) and is probably gonna be the best game out to show how war really is and also how pointless this war was. rip to those fighting and risking their lives for us.

Lamboomington1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Well, I really didn't expect it when I was watching the walkthrough. I was a little speechless both because of the beautiful moment and because I was surprised they would include something like this. Everything came together in terms of presentation - the visuals, the sound design, the music.

Very emotional scene for sure.