Jolt Review: FaceBreaker "FaceBreaker is a fighting game for people who don't really like fighting games. Or at least, that's our best guess as to the reasoning behind it; with the excellent Soul Calibur and Fight Night series catering for gamers that really know their stuff, there's still a gap in the market for a brawler or two aimed at people who just like to button mash alongside their friends. Sadly, FaceBreaker doesn't quite fill it – or if it does, the gap was probably never worth exploiting in the first place.

A depth of customisation options belies a surprisingly shallow game, with dismissible online play and a single player mode that you'd likely rather avoid, and probably would if it didn't mean leaving half the fighters and arenas still locked. There is only one really convincing reason to even consider FaceBreaker, and that's the fact that you and five friends can upload your mugs into the game (best done well in advance as the process takes a while), remodel yourselves as wacky cartoonish fighters and pound the crap out of each other in a winner-stays-on tournament, knowing that fast reflexes count for far more than secret combos."

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