The Student Has Become the Master: Why Yakuza Is Better Than Shenmue

SEGA has produced two of the finest adventure series of all time – but it's only right, now, that gamers recognise Yakuza has surpassed the iconic Shenmue.

PhoenixUp2788d ago

I see Yakuza as being a way better series than Shenmue, mostly because it had more games to flesh out the series. I don't think Shenmue could reach the height that Yakuza has now.

That being said, I still prefer Sleeping Dogs over both of them.

S2Killinit2787d ago

I don't know. I love them both, but Shenmue, especially the first one has a special place in my heart. There was just something about that game. I loved how it felt like you were living the life of this person w/out the game taking your hand and guiding you. It was a weird game, it made you THINK that anything could happen that day when you got out of the bed. It was really weird feeling to have in a game.

G20WLY2787d ago

Wow. Sleeping Dogs is a DISTANT 3rd out of those three, in my opinion. Yakuza is so deep and the story so multi-faceted compared to what we're used to in games. The gameplay is varied and the fighting is awesome fun. The characters are distinct and sometimes genuinely funny - there's a lot to love and massive value in Yakuza.

I can't wait to see what they can do with Shenmue after all this time away. The game was pure genius in it's day - if they can apply the same fresh thinking, with todays technology, we're in for a treat!

Hoffmann2788d ago

The gameplay is better which is no wonder since it had around 10 years to be as good as it is..but the story and the whole setting and their characters? Way too different to compare.

InMyOpinion2787d ago

The fighting certainly isn't better. It's cheap and poorly animated compared to Shenmue.

PhoenixUp2787d ago

The difference is the point. The characters and the setting being different was even pointed out and detailed in the article.

firelogic2787d ago

Yakuza 1 is a superior game to Shenmue. The number 1 reason why? Yakuza is actually a game. Shenmue is a question asking simulator in between bouts of waiting for time to pass with absolutely nothing interesting to do outside of asking more questions.

TheColbertinator2787d ago

Both are stellar. They can both do well if Sega uses their brains.

Summons752787d ago

Both are great but Yakuza has always been better.

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