PlayStation VR: Lens Fog Can Be a Major Problem

A.J. says: "I recently had the chance to play around with Sony's newfangled PlayStation VR. It was quite an impressive experience, but there's one thing holding me back from rushing out and buying one..."

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crazyaejay1758d ago

I got to play it at the mall a few months ago and had the same problem! How come no one's talking about this?!

Aloy-Boyfriend1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

"Can be a problem"

Maybe not everyone is having a problem at all?

Apex131758d ago

*Fanboy emotions kicked in

S2Killinit1758d ago

They did talk about it and they said the PSVR headset has less of a fogging problem compared to the other two because it isnt pressed against your face. Obviously you cant completely avoid fogging but thats what the reviewers said.

Eonjay1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Jim Sterling mentioned it but said that he had this problem with vive and not on PSVR. Your welcome.

RufustheKing1758d ago

The Vive has the same problem and its a annoying which takes about 5 minutes to clear. But saying that, the rift is very hot so no fogging but it can dry your eyes and they get sore quicker if you are playing for a while

amnalehu1757d ago

Ive played it and did not have this problem

1757d ago
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rainslacker1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Maybe because it has a solution? people who wear glasses should be accustomed to any number of things which fog up their glasses.

There are plenty of solutions that a simple google search could provide you, or you could look at my comment further down the thread. Or I'll simply repeat myself here.

More people I'm sure will talk about it and probably complain about it, but how many of them are going to go and actually try to find if there's an actual easy solution to the problem...some as cheap as one's own saliva rubbed along the bottom rim of one's glasses which will dry clear(assuming you aren't on a red kool aid and Cheetos binge) and provides the necessary change in humidity to prevent condensation on glasses.

More permanent solution, which will help everywhere for people that wear glasses is to get something like this.

Available at hardware and auto parts stores for $3-7 depending on type and quantity. I find the wipes most convenient for glasses, as they clean really well, but the spray on stuff is semi-permanent....albeit costs more....but it'll last forever and be useful for several purposes.

nitus101758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

On the Rainx bottle there is a warning and it is in very small type.

"Do not use on plastics unless pre-approved by the manufacturer of the plastic to be treated."

I have used Rainex on my own glasses (hard plastic) without problems but it is best to check with Sony to see if the PSVR lenses are fine with using Rainx on them. Personally, I do think there would be a problem given what you have said but it is always best to check. If there are no problems then when using Rainx only use a very small amount and don't use a tissue use a micro fibre cloth.

joeorc1758d ago


👏, simple straightforward and to the freaking Point , what you just showed was common freaking sense in how to solve a issue..try to find a solution, that is what talking to others and research is for, we have at our disposal one of the best research tool in existence today it's called the Internet!

One of which before in relative terms we as humanity just Acquired ..ask your grandparents about how they did research.. LMAO..

Children today have in most cases one of the best tools for research on how to look to fix problems , and what do they do..complain about something instead of looking for
👉 a solution...👈

Thumbs up!

FamilyGuy1757d ago

I was using rainx on my car window and stupidly decided to wipe some on my headlights. It RUINS certain plastics. It eats away at it leaving a foggy, permanent residue like it was some soft form of acid. I wouldn't bring that stuff within 10 feet of a PSVR. It might work fine on the actual lens but if you get a drop on the regular plastic parts it could leave a permanent stain making your HMD look cheap, messy and not well taken care of.

Rainx is crazy, that warning is a serious one!

rainslacker1757d ago


Yeah, Guess I've been lucky there.

But, to stress again since it's been pointed out, check before applying to one's glasses, and maybe let someone else do the testing on the interior lenses if they become a problem.

I never used it on my headlights, but I do recall there being something about not using it there, or testing a small spot first.

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Gamist2dot01758d ago

How come? Because it's a rare issue that can be resolved? I got to try PSVR for over an hour and the only time there was a fog issue was because I had the lens too close to my eyes at first attempt, everything was blurry until I made the correct adjustment and the fog went away and visuals were sharp. It's the same issue I have with my sunglasses; it builds up at first when I put them on then goes away in seconds.

Silly gameAr1758d ago

Because some people don't make mountains out of molehills?

UCForce1758d ago

What the problem is though ?

Red_Renegade1758d ago

trolls are the problem. that's it. not a big enough deal to get worried over.

bluefox7551758d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Not to be rude or anything, but this is a problem mainly for fat people. If you sweat a lot, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you would fog up an enclosed lens right next to your face. You might also run into this problem if you're playing in a very warm, or poorly ventilated room.
@Aenea I have worn glasses, for years before I got contacts. Those also fog up if you sweat too much, though it's not as easy to do considering there's no enclosure. It's basic elementary school science, lol. The heat from your face cools down when it touches the lens, hence the fogging.

Aenea1758d ago

Clearly you never had glasses....

Lonnie181758d ago

That's all you got dude? Hot breath fog lol?

XanderZane1758d ago

Cause fanboys don't want to hear anything negative about it. Especially on this site. It probably will be a problem for some, but if the headset can be adjusted properly, the problem should be minimal or go away. I know when I wear 3D glasses, they always fog up 1/2 way through the film and I have to take them off and clean them. My regular glasses never fog up, they just get dirty. The PSVR comes with a cleaning cloth for the lens, so I'm sure it will be put to good use. There are always a few kinks when new hardware is released. Nothing we should be surprised about.

Red_Renegade1758d ago

more like cuz it isn't a big deal and nobody cares except fanboys.

XanderZane1757d ago

It can be a big deal for the gamer who continuously has this problem. There should be some solutions to solve the problem. Things like this is always a big deal when new hardware launches. Motion sickness will also be an issue for many. Deflecting the issues won't solve the problems.

Dark_Knightmare21758d ago

Maybe it's a very rare occurrence because I've read numerous reviews from all the big name sites and not one has talked about lens fogging

warriorcase1757d ago

I have a vive so can only speak for that but when we have 3 player parties with it we have no fog issues at all. Perhaps it needed to be adjusted better? Or perhaps it only if your a very sweaty kind of person. Either way I doubt this will be wide spread concern im hoping, probably just a sweaty few

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rainslacker1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Pro tip. Lick your finger, then rub it along the bottom edge of your glasses. No more fog.

Did this when I wore glasses and did wood working which I wore goggles for. Works great on both glasses and goggles.

Better solution, go buy a $3 bottle of anti-fog spray at a hardware or auto parts store. Treat your glasses. No more fog....even when you aren't using the PSVR.

Use what's left over in your car and you won't have foggy windows on those cold winter mornings. Apply what's left over to your bathroom mirrors, and now when you get out of the shower, you will be able to see yourself without wiping off the mirror. With the rest of what's left, do something else with it. That stuff goes a long way.

It absolutely amazes me that none of the people that seem to complain about it could relate these problems to common eyewear issues that have been around forever which you think those who wear glasses would be well experienced with by now. Easily googled solutions, two of which I have personally used and can attest to.

crazyaejay1758d ago

I don't wear glasses. The VR headset's lenses fogged up.

DeadlyOreo1758d ago

Lol crazyaejay is clueless 😂

rainslacker1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I've been using the PSVR for several months at work, and while I have had my glasses fog up slightly on the first occasions I wore them, never have I had to lenses fog up(wearing glasses or contacts). I ended up using the rainx on my glasses as I keep some in my car for when I decide to clean the inside really well, and the fogging was minimal and only around the bottom where my glasses are closer to my face. After treatment, no issue at all.

However, someone pointed out above that you should make sure that your lenses can be treated with it.

Before treatment, which I did after lunch the day it was an issue, I simply lifted up the headset for a few seconds, and all was well again. Obviously some people might have more issues if they are prone to producing more heat from their head, or their environment or whatever.

That being said, I suppose it'd be possible to treat the PSVR lenses as well, however, I wouldn't personally want to use my own headset for such a thing in case it could damage the lenses.

But if the lenses are fogging up, just a drop of water will solve the problem. Swimmers do this for goggles, and I did it when I wore eye protection for woodworking. Just a bit of saliva will work.

I will say though, that the occassional fogging is an annoyance, but compared to the other headsets, the PSVR is 10X more comfortable for those that wear glasses than the OR.

WeAreLegion1758d ago

Thanks for the tips, dude!

Silly gameAr1758d ago

You're just full of tips rain. If we still had the bubble system I would give you a well said or informative bub..

welly3001758d ago

It happens on all vr sets not just psvr galaxy vr is a nightmare.

Muadiib1758d ago

That's just not true, it's not an issue for the Vive or the Rift, the latter was especially built to be incredible breathable, not that I would give Facebook my money.

welly3001758d ago

I'm sorry but they do, just check do a search.

Dark_Knightmare21758d ago

That's bullshit both rift and vive have the same problem. Jim sterling even said he had a problem with the vive fogging up on him but not a problem with psvr doing it.

bolimekurac1758d ago

never happened on my gear vr

XanderZane1757d ago

True, it does happen with all of them. Fanboys can stay in denial all they want.

AndreR1758d ago

its mindblowing that sony thinks ps vr is ready for mainstream when it has so many problems. the tracking of the headset and move is the most important. its like, when nintendo first released super mario bros on the NES. What if mario didnt respond at times when jumping. its terrible.

DeadlyOreo1758d ago

Your name fits you well. We'll just ignore you.

fr0sty1758d ago

Like when Nintendo first released NES, and you had to blow on your cartridges just to make them work? Or the various tracking and alignment issues Wiimote had? Move too had issues. so did Kinect. PSVR will as well, as will NX and any other piece of hardware that is ever released to a mass market audience. You can't make millions of devices that never malfunction.

VideoChums1758d ago

So, should we not bother bringing up these malfunctions then?

Red_Renegade1757d ago

it's not a malfunction. the headset still works. it happens to other stuff, too. and it's not a major issue. i played a full match of rigs and didn't have any fog. the guy who played before me didn't say anything, either. prolly not a widespread thing. not worth a whole article and all this drama.

Goldby1758d ago

ohh mee gawd!

The camera cant see my move controllers cuz im moved out of their tracking what emm i to do?

bolimekurac1758d ago

return it and stay away form the fad that is vr

XanderZane1758d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I don't think the PSVR has full 360 degree tracking though. So if you turn your back to the camera and have the Move Controller in front of your chest, does your hands disappear in the games? You have to always be within a 200-220 degree of the PS Camera?

LOL @ Disagrees. I was asking a question. Didn't get any answers, so I found it for myself.

zanna1758d ago

simply you don't know what you're talking about

ebounce881758d ago

Guy is just giving his opinion. The VR homers just may be the worst ever in terms of being fanboys.. get a real life turds

Dark_Knightmare21758d ago

Really is that why reviews are overwhelmingly positive from majority of reviewers who have given it high marks and praise saying it easily competes with the higher end rift and vive while being the reason vr will succeed

Thatgrammar1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Why so much hate? I went to gamestop every Friday/Saturday for two weeks to play all of the playstation vr demos and I never had a problem with anything that has been mentioned by you. The move controllers worked very well and the headset had spot on tracking. I have played playstation vr for over 2 hours at the demo booths and it is wonderful. I tried google cardboard and soon craved a better headset and the psvr offered me exactly that! Its a lot of fun! Go try it:)

welly3001757d ago

Give it chance I've changed my mind so many times on this but at the mo I'm in the pro camp there is going to be tech problems with the first generation. From what I've heard so far most could be fixed with better controllers or software updates. My biggest concern is Sony support.

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Harkins17211758d ago

Maybe he just produced more heat than other people lol

nitus101758d ago

Wearing a VR headset is not that much of a difference than wearing glasses. Even glasses fog up when the conditions are right such as putting your glasses on when the ambient temperature is low.

Harkins17211758d ago

Yeah I wouldn't know I don't wear glasses or contacts.