Microsoft confident it can take all comers

Microsoft Corp. admits it is facing stiff competition for consumers' entertainment dollars, but believes with its massive resources it should be able to win out over competitors such as Apple Inc. and Sony Corp.

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RememberThe3574320d ago

...How do they plan to do that?

Anton Chigurh4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

AAA titles coming this winter ?? checked
huge game library ??? checked
better online experience ?? checked

but, still PS brand is more popular than the xbox they need time to spread their wings in the game market

Genesis54320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Reliable hardware?? - not checked

HighDefinition4320d ago

1st party studios- Not Checked.

Tmac4320d ago

Lmao, better online experience11!!! lol, and then one triple a game.

4320d ago
AAACE54320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

People (including myself) gave Nintendo a slim chance of surviving in this console gen, and shockingly, they are in the number 1 sopt! So I say...Anything can happen!

Also, for a MS post, it's ironic that there are so many anti-MS comments!

cherrypie4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

@1.2 Re: reliable hardware:

The heat issues were resolved last year. Existing users are taken care-of (contrast that with the HORRIBLE experience Sony dumped on its PS2 users last gen)

Windows Media Center
Windows Media Center Extenders
Digital Media Distribution (Movies and TV) via Zune and Xbox LIVE
Partnerships with industry leaders like Netflix (Mobile Sony, HTC, et al; Plays For Sure in the DAP market; GPS and Embedded etc etc etc)
Open Development and community gaming via XNA and XNA Community (which gives XNA devs a chance to *self-publish and earn income* by writing download-able game and market *directly* to the console owners)
First Class AAA Exclusives
First Class 3-rd Party Support from all industry leading Devs/Publishers
Xbox LIVE Arcade First Class Downloadable titles via
Solidly leading the PS3 in total world-wide hardware installs and software sales.
New Xbox Experience (NXE) Software Relaunch of the Xbox 360
Medals and Achievements
Social Gaming Explosion (Scene It, Lips, Rock Band 2 First on Xbox 360, You're in the Movies, 1 vs. 100, Primetime, Avatars)
Windows Mobile
Xbox LIVE (on Windows Mobile, Windows, Xbox)

And on and on and on. MS is bringing all the pieces of the Connected, Digital Entertainment future together, like no other competitor.

MS has all the pieces. Does Apple have a Console? Does Sony have a Desktop OS? Does Apple have XNA? Does Sony have Windows Media Center?

No. That is why I buy MS products, now that they've moved into hardware (Xbox, Zune) they are (by far) delivering the best technology, features, value and overall experience of *any* other firm in the market.

I've bought a new Ford in order to have Sync (which, is fcuking awesome btw).

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DJ4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Dude, the online experience is identical on both systems. 360's cheaper upfront, but about $300 more over the long run. Maybe even a little extra if you want to recharge your controllers.

potenquatro4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

and what the hell are all those good 1st party studios good for if you still don't have the great games. what is all that reliable harware good for if you can't even run games properly. and what the hell is up with all the SONY fantards. go back to the sony threads, to the "5 reasons you should own a ps3" board, you all sound like your gonna have an orgy with the ps3. hey, if your's fits through the usb port, go for it, we won't judge. i'll like to see you guys cry about xbox trolls on ps3 news now.
on topic: they can take on all comers by constantly putting great games out there,they should focus on that.

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Ozzyb4320d ago

Had to approve this so everyone can see Microsoft say that they have "well-designed hardware". I don't think Bill Gates himself would buy that.

4320d ago
Idonthatejustcreate4320d ago

Your name makes me doubt that your story is true...

Le-mo4320d ago

Win over Sony? Possible, but unlikely.
Win over Apple? Keep dreaming Micro.

clintos594320d ago

Talk is cheap, dont talk crap unless u have proven yourself in the gaming industry. As great as a library MS has, they have improved in there games department but they still lack exclusives and they forget there hardware has the highest failure rate in history of gaming. I think they will come in last place in this next gen war but its good to know they wont be leaving anytime soon. And like they say competition is good because the better the competition, the better games we get.

Ozzyb4320d ago

Agree with that for sure. Nintendo wouldn't keep Sony on its toes, they'd just shoot for different markets most of the time. Bubbles ~

cherrypie4320d ago

"hardware has the highest failure rate in history of gaming."

You didnt have a PS2 did you.

I had *three* failed PS2s. I couldnt even get a Sony Rep to *return my calls*.

There was a cottage industry built around fixing PS2s. There were signs in windows of electronics shops "WE FIX PS2s". The Newspaper *always* had a bunch of "WE FIX PS2s" ads.

I have *two* Xbox 360s (pro upstairs, elite down) -- EACH LONGER THAN THE LIFE OF MY FIRST PS2 -- and NEITHER has had a single problem.

Please stop spreading FUD like you know it to be true. You just look foolish.

Ozzyb4320d ago

I think you are the one who is misinformed. I have my ORIGINAL PS2, you know, from when it first came out. Nobody I know has had a broken Playstation, but quite a few people I know have had RROD. Please don't try to blow that crap out of proportion because you know damn well that "Disc-read Error" and RROD are not even the same ballpark. You may have had to return 20 PS2s, but you are a very rare case indeed. I have not heard of too many people never having to swap out their 360s.. and welcome to the fact that you sound like a HUGE Fanboy. I thought defending RROD was a lost cause? I guess you can pick up the torch and run it all by your lonesome.

Next time, reply to the correct post.

outlawlife4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

just to be fair everyone i know who had a 360 got the rrod

and all of the people i know who had a ps2 in the beginning had a failure of some sort, optical drive, power supply etc

people who say the ps2s problems didn't exist are fools because they did, and they were big

i got my ps2 on launch day and it didn't last 6 months, sony "repaired" it for $127 dollars...and then it was dead again within 5 months where they wanted to charge me again so i sold my games(had almost every ps2 game up to that point) and bought an original xbox and was on live when it launched and i haven't regretted it yet

hardware has problems, you get a RROD it gets fixed for free ratehr quickly, microsoft has already well surpassd the success of the first xbox so now they are just riding it out

they aren't going anywhere for a long time, sony has lost much more money this gen than MS has so i'd worry more about where sony is going to be next gen than MS

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They need to step up their quality control for both hardware and software by all accounts.

Tmac4320d ago

Stepping up is an understatement, rehaul their strategy.

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