First Scan of Yakuza 3

Spaziogames write:After a small travel in medieval Japan with Yakuza Kenzan, the series back to "home" and is ready to continue the events completed in the second episode. Vi mostriamo le prime tre immagini di Yakuza 3, ambientato due anni dopo il prequel. We feature the first three images of Yakuza 3, set two years after the prequel. In arrivo nel 2009 in Giappone in esclusiva su Playstation 3. Coming in 2009 in Japan exclusively on Playstation 3.

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TheColbertinator3743d ago

Could use more work on the translation but I am confident this title will be great.One of the better Sega games in the last few years

krackchap3743d ago

OMG looks so so so awesome
SEGA!! release kenzan already :@

clintos593743d ago

I played the demo they had on the japanese store on my japanese accound and loved the demo. I really hope this game comes out in the US. I think part 2 just released in the US if im not mistaken or later release but damn I love the fighting in this game, u actually feel like a bad a$$ samurai. It feels like shenmue in a way and what I loved about the demo was u can go around the village and people will give u a job to do so u go and do what they request and make money like u did in shenmue but what makes this game more better is u are a samurai and u learn all these new moves where he does real cool finishing moves. Awesome game, I really hope they bring this game to the states.

VF34EJ253743d ago

That was a different game. That was Yakuza Shen something something.

This is the true Yakuza 3, and I'm sure which is what Japan really wanted.

sunnygrg3743d ago

I thought it was already released in Japan. Or do they mean North America?

heyheyhey3743d ago

no that was Yakuza: Kenzan.... the feudal spin-off

this is the proper, modern days sequel... another PS3 exclusive

SickNick853743d ago

Yakuza 3 isn't Yakuza Kenzan!

Last year's Yakuza game was a Spin off

KidMakeshift3743d ago

You can buy it for around $30 now. There's enough english walkthroughs out there to help you out. The game has about the same amount of cutscenes as MGS4 so expect to watch more than play.

achira3743d ago

how can you buy it if it even isnt finisched ? lol.

Fishy Fingers3743d ago

Kid, this is a new Yakuza game, not the one that recently released on the PS3 in Japan, this is a completely new game still in development.

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