Rumor: Sonic Mania runs to June 2 release

While this is unconfirmed, it appears we may have a release date for Sonic Mania. It was originally set for a spring 2017 release when it was announced during the summer. Amazon has sent out an ema…

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CarlosX360747d ago

I'm guessing this is because of PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One S. *Sigh*

mrbojingles747d ago

? Why would those systems effect a spring 2017 games release ? Early June is still spring. SUMMER is 6/22 or after until 9/22

JayPi3747d ago

As Bojingles said, that doesn't make any sense, it's no even gonna use the full power of those consoles and it's digital only anyway.

I'm guessing they just need more time to polish the game or get the collector's editions out, which i have no issue with.

DivineAssault 746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

**sad face** I really want this game.. Much more so than Sonic 2017 but, i'd rather it be done right and polished..