1up review: Vampire Rain: Altered Species

1up writes: I love stealth-action games. Metal Gear Solid brought me back into gaming during my teen-angst years, and I get a kick outta Splinter Cell and Sly Cooper, too -- I'm not biased. And I love survival-horror. Conserving ammo, backtracking, peeing my pants...when it's done well, I'm all for it. But I'm dumbfounded by Vampire Rain: Altered Species' attempt at stealth-action-survival-horror (that's a mouthful), which completely overlooks what's great about all those genres -- it's like the developers didn't even play the games they were blatantly ripping off.

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zo6_lover274314d ago

I amazes me how people will take the time to review this atrocious so-called abortion of a video game, twice.

They should know whats coming after they reviewed it the first time.

They should have saved the time and thousands of their braincells and just said no.

Lord_Ash4314d ago

They take the time just to make sure that nobody in their senses would buy this epic garbage.