GameSpot: Commando: Steel Disaster Review

GameSpot writes: "Don't let the title fool you; Commando: Steel Disaster has nothing to do with Capcom's long-running series of Commando games. No, this game takes its inspiration from elsewhere. Actually, that's putting it far too gently. It would be more accurate to say that this game shamelessly rips off the Metal Slug series in its gameplay and art design, which will be immediately apparent to anyone who has played one of SNK's cartoony side-scrolling shooters. Still, if you're looking for a series of games to blatantly model your own game on, you could do a lot worse than Metal Slug. Although anything but original, Steel Disaster's gameplay is action-packed. It's just a shame that the outrageous difficulty level often makes the experience more maddening than enjoyable."

The Good

* Great play control
* Good variety of moves and weapons
* Vibrant, charming visuals
* Intense, action-packed gameplay

he Bad

* Difficult to a fault
* Takes too much inspiration from other games
* Could have used a bit more variety
* Enemy screams get annoying

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