Batman: Arkham VR Will Take Roughly 2.5 Hours To Complete Everything

Rocksteady Studios Brand Marketing Producer, Dax Ginn has revealed more information about the length of Batman: Arkham VR to PressStart. Whilst the hands-on experiences have been extremely positive, many have been worried about the length of Batman: Arkham VR, which was always marketed as a bite-sized experience, rather than a full game.

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-Foxtrot2811d ago

So is this free or something then? I don't think I could pay for this unless it was dirt cheap.

ji32002811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

sense the real scale of the world is really amazing and i think i can play this over and over again just to immerse into another world. I think sony wants to proove to people that even current ps4 can handle this kind of quality game so once more and more people buy psvr then im sure more big AAA game developers will make games with full version. This is just a proof that psvr game is not a Nintendo 64 quality cartoony graphic game. I can imagine future version of Call of duty and battlefield,Fallout or GTA series in VR. This is just a begining people!!

Cupid_Viper_32811d ago

Haha, It's so nice to watch all those people that were fuming at Sony for not including a UHD Blu-ray player with the PS4 slim or the Pro given that UHD Blu-rays are like $20-$35 each. And movies are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours longs.

Yet that very same crowd is saying that $20 is too much for 2-3 hour experience that is much more immersive and interactive than you could ever have with UHD Blu-ray movie.

I guess what I'm saying is that you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you are ok with paying upwards of $35 for 4k Blu-ray movies to the point where you criticized Sony for not including a 4K drive in the PS4 slim/pro, then you should have absolutely ZERO issues with paying $20 for a 2-3 hour VR game. Try and be consistent at least guys.

Death2811d ago

By your logic all games should be 4.5 hours long max? When has anyone held game length to movie standards? I don't remember paying different prices for different length movies.

Bottom line is if you are comfortable paying $400-$500 for PSVR and then $20 for a 2.5 hour experience, then other peoples' opinions shouldn't matter.

Cupid_Viper_32811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

"By your logic all games should be 4.5 hours long max?" That's an interesting way of looking at it.

But I prefer to approach it from a different perspective. It's quite common to find single-player and story driven games to last on average of 6-9 hours long, and those games cost $60. So it seems quite reasonable to me that a game that lasts 1/3 of the average length (2-3 hours) of the average game out there, respectively costs 1/3 of the price at $20. You know, (6-9 hours) divided by 3 = 2-3 hours...........$60 divided by 3 = $20. Hence $20 for Batman VR...

The 4K blu-rays price comparison is only there to further demonstrate the absurdity of some of the opinions coming from a certain group of guys on here. A group of guys who support a company who released a weaker console than its main competitor and yet asked for more money for said console. And yet you guys are the ones talking price and value? I mean, cmon....

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Nitrowolf22811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

its $20 USD so not to bad TBH

CrimsonWing692811d ago

Yet we have a game like Journey that is worth the money? I think it's just an experience that costs as much as seeing a movie. I swear gamers nowadays make me want to vomit with their self entitlement.

Fatal-Aim2811d ago

Very fair price. Just like online DLC, VR is just a different avenue for games.

Sm00thNinja2811d ago

2 hrs regardless of the medium is not worth 20 bucks imo. But I'd love to try it. Maybe a demo on the store at some point

Pandamobile2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Well this is the weird part about the VR business model right now. At this point no one really is sure how to market and price VR experiences. I think $20 is a fair starting point for a 2-3 hour VR experience, that's like the price of a blu-ray.

Kosic2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

The only VR I got is a gear vr, for mobile apps the vr store is priced horribly. People think now their content is worth more because it has a 360* sphere camera instead of a locked camera viewing.

We are going to see a lot of over priced short vr experiences with the ps vr. They can charge what the like and people will accept it because they can't go anywhere else for games.

WeAreLegion2811d ago

Yes, it is. Do you not buy movies?

cleft52811d ago

So you are saying that if you can beat a game in 2 hours its not worth 20 bucks, no matter what? So all of those indie games that you can beat in 2 hours that cost 20 bucks simply isnt worth it? I am sorry, but I disagree. If the experience is well done enough, then it can easily be worth 20 bucks.

CrimzonRazor2811d ago

Because of people like you is why devs like this get away with ripping people off

DeadlyOreo2811d ago

Nah. People like you CrimzonRazor are too entitled. $20 really isn't bad.

Goldby2810d ago


So you are saying ThatGamecompany ripped off people with Journey on ps3?

People liek you Crimzon automatically see a price and decide if a game is worth it based on that.

Games aren't good because they are AAA or Priced high. we have all seen the bad side of those.

The Price is the price no matter the content behind it, it all depends on the gamer if they find value in the price.
and i would be safe to say at least 70% of the people who have played Journey before it was free would gladly say it was worth it.

CrimzonRazor2810d ago

@goldby never playe journey cant comment on it but if it was 20 bucks and 2 hrs long id say it was a rip off, I work to hard to get that small of a return on my money.

Goldby2808d ago

That the issue Crimzon.

You are associating cost with return of investment, when in video games, specifically ones like Jounrey or Abzu the investment you are getting can't be linked with a dollar value. personally, Journey has dont more for me than the Witcher 3 did, and Journey was only 15$.

Just becuase games cost less do not mean their value is any less. more often then not they are experiments in unique ways to tell stories or unique mechanics that most big name devs wont risk doing something different in the name of their profits.

If you get the chance, try Journey, tkae 2 hours out of your life and experience that game.

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rainslacker2811d ago

I think the prices now are just the early adopter gouging we would see with any new tech. Batman being a popular title, lots of people will gobble it up, regardless of length. I'll personally wait for it to go down in price....maybe $10 or something, unless those 2.5 hours offer good replayability.

CrimzonRazor2810d ago

30 bucks for a 2 hr game is straight out greed, or they are worried it isnt going to do well so they are jacking up the price, which it wont do well vr is already starting to fail on pc its another niche fad.

rainslacker2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

K, well I'm pretty sure that gouging indicates greed.

Or, they know that Batman is a popular IP, being released alongside a popular new product, and that early adopters spend more money on lesser games to get the initial experiences that said products have to offer.

It's nothing new with console hardware launches, so not sure why you seem so surprised or taking such issue with it.

That being said, you know nothing about the game, beyond that it's a Batman game, that it's 2.5 hours long, and that it's $30. It might be an awesome game, and well worth the $30, because it might actually offer more than 2.5 hours of gaming.

It of course, might not. But you don't know. So save the righteous indignation until you know more, and stop equating the price and assumed quality of a single game to the overall success of PSVR or VR in general.

In the mean time, if you aren't happy with the game, or the price of the game, just don't buy it. Express why in a respectful and reasonable matter, and stop looking like your taking it so personally. The publisher didn't price the game at $30 to offend you, they priced it there, because they feel that's what it's worth. Your actual opinion no the matter means nothing to them. If enough people share your opinion, they'll see lower sales. If people don't, then they'll see higher sales. Either way, it has nothing to do with you.

You make weak arguments which aren't actually even worth responding to, but I do, because hopefully you'll actually consider being a bit more constructive in your arguments in the future.

kangbuo2811d ago

Disagree, experience matters. 2 hours with Margot Robbie might well be worth 20$, or even 2 minutes (dont draw any conclusion on the 2 minutes statement !!!)

Sm00thNinja2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

No I don't buy movies actually. I just think 20 bucks is too much. Just my opinion. I'll wait for a demo unless this game is a game changing experience 20 is just too much for 2 hrs to experience everything. I wonder how much time it takes just for 1 one through?

To all the fanboys arguing against my opinion. It's my opinion I respect yours but your not going to change mine. Plenty of other VR games that are full blown experiences. Rigs, RE7, so I'll skip this one as of now.

OB1Biker2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Because people who have a different opinion than yours are fanboys?
You bothered sharing your opinion then dont be offended for others to reply with a different opinion calling them fanboys. Specially your first statement '2hrs regardless of the medium is not worth 20 bucks' is quite debatable.
Games are expensive. I think it fair that every one can wait for the price to be right for them for games or devices. This one seems a fascinating experience for many I'm sure so it just depends on how long they can wait.

Liqu1d2811d ago

"To all the fanboys arguing against my opinion. It's my opinion I respect yours"

If you respected their opinion then you wouldn't label everyone who disagrees with you a fanboy.