Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Devs Confirm In-Game Locations, Hint At New & Familiar Characters

MachineGames has revealed the in-game locations that are featured in its upcoming action adventure title, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

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DefenderOfDoom238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I am looking forward to this game because of MachineGames.

anast38d ago

I can't wait for the PS5 release.

VoiceMale38d ago

every xbox related article there is you and your port begging
brining up PlayStation when no such evidence of any ps5 release ....how is this level of off topic trolling allowed on this site?

classic character cameos is the part am most excited for, hope that the voice over for them is pretty good, or at least on par with Indy's

Stanlittle37d ago

I'm out of the loop but wasn't Starfield coming to PS5? I remember a ton of articles being approved on N4G saying something about that


Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Is The Most "Indiana Jones" Thing In A Long Time

Hanzala from eXputer: "The Xbox showcase revealed just how masterfully Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is nailing the Indy feeling; I have high hopes for this."

OtterX42d ago

I'm really hoping for the best, I'm just not sure how much I trust Bethesda on this. The 1st person looks just ok, not mind blowing.

I just hope they can capture the magic of the original trilogy. I hated Crystal Skull with a passion and the Dial of Destiny was ok, but never invested me like the originals.

But I do really want to be proven wrong bc I would love to have an amazing Indy experience, hopefully more enjoyable than the last 2 films.

Master-Tonberry41d ago

I'm convinced first person was a mistake but we'll see.

Jingsing41d ago

Disney kind of sunk Indiana Jones with those new movies so I'm not sure the IP is that valuable anymore.


DF Direct: Xbox Summer Showcase brought banger games but underwhelming new hardware

Digital Foundry : Summer Game Fest! Xbox Games Showcase! The Digital Foundry crew has convened to cover both events, reacting to the major game announcements and developments.

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porkChop42d ago

I think everyone was really expecting to see the handheld at the showcase. I have a feeling they're not ready to show it because they're waiting on newer chips from AMD. It'll need a beefy mobile GPU/CPU to play these games. If I had to guess, it'll launch alongside Gears of War: E-Day and have a special launch edition.

If they can launch something like the Steam Deck but with the Xbox UI and a lightweight, gaming-focused version of Windows, it could be a real contender in that space. Especially if they can adopt some of the modularity of the Elite controllers. Easily swap sticks, triggers, buttons, custom shells, etc.

4Sh0w42d ago

I'd love a Xbox handheld & for me new upgraded hardware is always welcomed but honestly not really neccessary for Xbox until next gen because face it, if you really care, PC is a natural option.

Crows9042d ago

I was expecting real gameplay for fable, perfect dark and extensive look at avowed....didn't care about a handheld from Xbox at all.

Good showing all in all though

TheColbertinator42d ago

Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

crazyCoconuts42d ago

Just to put things into perspective, when Sony put a slim PS5 out there they redesigned the console and made the drive modular. They at least put some effort into it. Finally, a year later Microsoft just pulls the drive out and calls it a day. In that time Sony has readied a PS5 Pro to add insult to injury.

franwex42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Don’t forget a price increase.

Though to be fair a PS5 pro is an absolute confounding waste. Might as well go PS6 in a couple of years instead.

This gen sucks.

crazyCoconuts42d ago

Whether your plan on buying one or not, the thing is that PS is running circles around Xbox in the hardware department.

42d ago
42d ago
Notellin15d ago

"Whether your plan on buying one or not, the thing is that PS is running circles around Xbox in the hardware department."


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rlow142d ago

It really comes down to price. The new S is the same but the series X with the extra terabyte is way overpriced.
I guess they justified $599 on the fact if you bought a regular X and upgraded the memory with a Seagate or WD external drive it would be the same or slightly cheaper. But internal memory bought in bulk couldn’t have added that much cost to the box.

cthulhucultist42d ago

Personally I wanted the show to be about games and it delivered! The crazy part is that we still have so many games under development by all companies!

Nintendo has a direct coming (probably more ports though) and an upcoming console early next year with a presumably stellar line up of launch games

Sony has already delivered highly rated third party games
Helldivers 2
FF7 Rebirth
Rise of Ronin
Stellar Blad
with more to come (Astro Bot, Silent Hill 2 Remake etc) in 2024 and many many more in 2025!

Xbox showed many good games and still has many to be revealed or showcased

Clockwork Revolution
Outer Worlds 2
OD (Kojima Project)
Project Mara
Project Maverick
Elders Scrolls 6
Fallout 5

We also have dozens of third party games announced this summer so I personally think that we have enough software to carry us throughout 2024-2025.

As for portable hardware, there are numerous options of handheld PCs that play PC/Xbox/Sony games (Steamdeck OLED, Asus Rog Ally X, Lenovo Legion Go etc) and thus It did not bother me that MS did not announce one.

They probably reserve the reveal for a more hardware centric event

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailer takes you to India with a 2024 release window

If you've been waiting for some old-fashioned whip slinging, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle just got a surprise trailer with a 2024 release window.

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purple10145d ago

almost fell asleep watching this one

HankHill44d ago

You'll be doing that while playing Concord.

Fishy Fingers44d ago

If youre of my age you cant help but feel something when that music kicks in.

Looking forward to this, hoping its more Last Crusade then Crystal skull.

LordoftheCritics44d ago

Game feels 10 years too late.