UGO: Top 50 Spore Creature Creations

UGO writes: "Since the Spore Creature Creator was released on June 18th, countless users have logged on to download the bite-sized slice of the final game. Using the near limitless toolset, players have constructed over 5 million unique creatures and items for the game/life-simulator. And this was all before the game finally hit store shelves yesterday. We've done our best to scour the pantheon of user-generated creatures to snag what we like to call the Top 50 Spore Created Creatures. By using an extremely experimental, and far-too-complicated-to-explain ratings system, we've been able to rank the creatures across three primary categories: creativity, execution, and tons of personal bias. We never set out to look for the run-of-the-mill creations that the internet is now flooded with. We wanted to find some user creations that take their cues from the real world and beyond. So here we go.

These are our Top 50 Spore Created Creatures."

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Daigoji_Gai3631d ago

Some interesting creations in this top 50.