SPORE Launch Event in India, Bollywood Actor and MTV Jockey demo Creature Creator

The Angry Pixel writes: "On Tuesday afternoon, EA India unleashed the icky-galacticness that is SPORE upon unsuspecting press attendees at the game's official launch event held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Delhi. General Manager Ajay Khanna was armed to the teeth with PowerPoint presentations that could apparently freeze time itself, as he went on and on trying to convince the mainstream news representatives that they were staring at something that was sheer 'fantastic' incarnate (one of Mr. Khanna's favorite words). But much like the evolutionary process itself, these things can take time. Which is exactly why you've got to bait these groups of 20-something-year-olds with a free lunch, a fancy press kit (nice job with that one, PR dudes), review copies, and a limited edition EA 2GB pendrive! Well played, indeed."

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