Resident Evil Director's Cut Turns 19 Years Old

Carl Williams writes, "When Capcom released the original Resident Evil onto the Sony Playstation console it was unique. Never before had gamers been presented with a 3D horror game like this before. No, I am not counting Alone in the Dark here as that was more of a 3D adventure game with monsters. Resident Evil was a 3D Action adventure with monsters. The difference being Capcom’s take on the genre was more visceral and “in your face” than Alone in the Dark ever was. Think of it like Pitfall versus Super Mario Bros. Both games were side scrolling action games but both are remembered for totally different reasons. Same thing with 3D horror games- one is still going strong and the other fell to the wayside years ago. Resident Evil Director’s Cut improves upon the original release, getting almost everything right."

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-Foxtrot1813d ago

An amazing will never be forgotten.

bouzebbal1812d ago

this was my first Resident Evil game ever..

andrewsquall1812d ago

Lol whenever I see that "Dualshock Edition" all I can think of is
Its just so different to the original game's
Most of the "alternate" music in the Dualshock Edition is just strange.

NohansenBoy1812d ago

I'm still proud of the fact I own an original PS1 copy of this game. I do think the remake is far better, but this is still a great classic that I don't regret playing through to the end.