Lost Odyssey receives Xbox One backward compatibility today

Three new titles are being added to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility library today.

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christocolus749d ago

Finally .Great job BC team. So glad I kept my copy all this while and Toy Story 3? Nice

sammarshall102748d ago

I just bought mine a while ago thinking that Microsoft will make it BC

My soul is ready

Tapani748d ago

Could you kindly let me know if the framerate is better and has the screen tearing been eliminated? I might get an Xbox One Slim for this, or maybe Scorpio would work even better next year...


Kingthrash360748d ago

Xbox gamers have been asking for this exclusive ever since BC was announced last year, so great day. Getting mine! I just hope they see just how much it's user base wanted thos game and makes a sequel for the xbo...the xbo is in dire need on an rpg like this.

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XanderZane748d ago

Won't need to do that after the game is installed. You'll just install the whole game to the HDD and play. No disc swap needed anymore.

Bigpappy748d ago

Sorry I wasn't clear. I was pointing out that we are now getting the multi-disk games that were previously not being converted.

Bahamut748d ago

Great. Thanks to all of these great backwards compatibility additions, the Xbox One is finally almost as good as the Xbox 360! Bravo!

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xDealtwithIt748d ago

Still have my copy, MS continues to impress.

KiwiViper85748d ago

Never played this game, but the constant praise it gets has me interested. I will finally get a chance, considering I sold my 360 to buy Xbox one, and if not for BC I wouldn't have bothered pursuing it. Thanks Microsoft.

However, I think it is a missed opportunity to not have it included in this months gwg, it would have made this months offerings infinitely better...

pompombrum748d ago

The game can be bought for less than a pint of beer these days, if you're a JRPG fan, it's a must play.. closest thing to a proper FF game last generation, definitely more so than corridor fantasy 13 anyway.

Exare748d ago (Edited 748d ago )

It's been dirt cheap for a good while now but if it follows the pricing trend of other BC games the price is going to go up now that it's able to be played on the XBO. Depending on demand it could go up quite a bit (if you want a physical copy).

Killz4Twinkies748d ago

It's a great game, definitely one of the better rpgs of last gen

Spurg748d ago

This game deserves to be on the BC list....a true gem in the 360 lineup. Lets hope they add Tales of Vesperia to the list as well.