How an Atheist Found Religion in SPORE

This amusing article chronicles the experiences of a secular writer who takes offense at SPORE's assumption that atheists lack the moral compass required for nonviolence. The author also comments on the fact that SPORE's portrays belligerent and religious civilizations quite similarly, with the economic path being the most benevolent of all.

"Upon purchasing my retail copy of the highly publicized 'God' game, (pun intended, kids!) I decided to follow my secular humanist inclinations and create a race of totally non-violent duck-badgers, whom I intended to evolve to the point that they could one day rule the galaxy relying on nothing more than decidedly un-holy trinity of benevolence, knowledge, and industry. That was the plan, anyway. Sadly, it was not to be."

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donalbane4322d ago

I sure hope nobody approved this article believing that any atheists will actually join the flock as a result of playing SPORE. The title was comically misleading... you know, like 'A Modest Proposal'.

donalbane4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

I take it you're a turbo-Christian. How about some of that forgiveness I've been hearing so much about?

ChickeyCantor4322d ago

Some one being convinced because of a game that basically makes you a god...What? Wait what? EH??

thor4322d ago

Did you read the article? Sigh...

Altered_Soul4322d ago

Yeah dude, seriously, the title is completely misleading. He literally FOUND religion in the game. Like, there were religious things in the game, and he noticed them.

As for the article itself, I am playing Spore right now (very cool game, or toy more exactly), and he carved a religious path according to the terms of the game, not philosophy. I get the idea that the religious take is musical and stuff, but it is not the only peaceful option. Its all about developing your creature, if he outfitted them with traits for broadcasting happy go lucky peacefulness, then of course that will evolve to religion.

Additionally, who is to say atheism isn't a religious foundation? The belief in no god is still a belief, and can have a organized and systematic following. Atheism can be just as dogmatic as the evangelical churches. So there's the bend. As for not developing a species riddled with the desire to be zealots of any pursuit, maybe the proper evolutionary track he was looking for was not in purely social. It can be achieved without violence or zealots.

Heldrasil4322d ago

Still, Atheism is not "organized", one of the key ingredients to religion. A belief, yes but far from religion.

Xi4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

athiesm isn't a theology because they don't belive in a god, and they don't not belive in a god.

Athiesm is the lack of a belief in a diety. People need to stop mixing that up. Every athiest is free to do and believe what ever he choses, there's no dogma to follow, no scripture to reflect upon and nothing to believe in, it lacks all of that. It's not that they don't believe in a god, it's that the concept is completely foriegn to begin with. Just like you're an atheist if you don't consider hindu gods, or greek gods, or native american gods, or roman gods, or the millions of other (shintoism has some 8 million spirits or something).

However, What the article fails to mention is that there very clearly is a god, in this game and his creations will develop a religion based on that. What would be nice is if the creatures could evolve on their own based on natural laws (like natural selection) and that version wouldn't actually have a god.

radio0o4322d ago

actually atheism is quite organized. ideally atheism means lack of a belief in god, but if you have eyes and a brain you can clearly see how the majority of them follow certain patterns, how they preach similar dogma, etc. they have even created churches for themselves, symbols for themselves, and they have idols/icons/leaders as well.

you can cry all you want about how atheism is supposed to mean this or that, but the fact is that they are just as much a group of followers with a certain agenda as any religious group.

vickers5004322d ago

"The belief in no god is still a belief"

No, it is a lack of a belief. People are not imprinted with the idea of god when they are born, so atheism is NOT a belief, it is a lack of belief. Saying atheism is a belief is like saying believing in gravity is a belief. But you don't call yourself a gravitationist (or w/e) just because you believe in gravity.

iamtehpwn4322d ago

To be Anti-something is to be pro-Opposite.

Lucreto4322d ago

"Atheism can be just as dogmatic as the evangelical churches."

Its not Atheist's usually believe the world was not created by a god and usually follow science. Science can be tested over and over proving it to be correct and if something is proven wrong 10 to 15 years later the old way goes and the new knowledge paves the way so science is ever changing. We will see what happens when the particle accelerator is turned on tomorrow.

Religion on the other hand especially evangelical churches will completely ignore new revelations if it goes against the bible and will refuse to change it. For example of the hundreds of gospel 4 were picked out which was 4 first hand account of Jesus but as least one was written 100 years after Jesus died and if was another Mark. But evangelical believers say that he lived up to 500 years and what's worse it some believe the first time it rained was the time of Noahs Ark.

Sorry I seem to ramble on about this stuff.


@Altered_Soul; Radio0o

Most atheist aren't organized in any way, specially because this is a tiny minority of people in the world. Never heard of a atheist church... And idols, leaders and icons aren't necessarily linked to religion, actually, in most cases, they aren't. Actually, only religious people (monotheists) believe you can't idolatry nothing aside from god.


You should differentiate atheism of agnosticism. Atheists don't "believe in whatever they want", they can't believe god, this is basically prerequisite to be an atheist. Agnostics can believe anything, cause they just say "we don't know if there is god", never YES or NO.


Right to the point man! Bubbles up!


Not just usually. Atheists don't believe in god of any kind. At best, it believes something physical created everything. There enters science. I'm a biologist myself, and "pragmatic agnostic", which is as close as an agnostic comes to an atheist.

Anyway, I think Will Wright is an atheist himself. Actualy, it's pretty obvious to me that WW is poking fun on religious people. We know the most usual evil comment about religious is that they need god to be, or to think they are, more than mediocre people. Well, just look at the sins, desperately needing you to do anything right and even blaming YOU when THEY commit mistakes.

Xi4322d ago

I can believe in what ever gods I want, I'll still be an athiest to some other gods.

shine13964321d ago

FYI: There have been athiestic 'uprisings' in the past and there are Athiestic organisations now. Take for example a thought experiment where God must exist as a scientific priniciple, will then -in that scenario- an established reputable scientist be allowed to join?

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PS360WII4322d ago

heh that's kind of funny right there. So religion in the game is displayed as music? I'm not sure why he's ragging that the peaceful way he was playing left him in the status of a religious creature. Ah well least he likes the game :)

Imallvol74322d ago

I respect this guys views. Not every religious person is a crazy, close minded, unaccommodating nut case.

vickers5004322d ago

No, but the majority are.

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