SOCOM Confrontation beta report: great stuff, when working

Frank Caron writes: "The first of what will likely be many patches has already gone live today. Of course, it is a beta for a reason. Thankfully, looking past those issues, SOCOM proves to be a solid third-person shooter with some great community features. Warhawk has long been the standard for organized multiplayer on the PlayStation 3, but it appears that the title will quickly be passed to SOCOM when the game launches. Even in beta, a number of key improvements already trump Incognito's excellent title.

For one, voice chat in the beta has been surprisingly excellent. The new official PS3 headsets come with a special high quality mode that SOCOM will take advantage of, but even without them the voice chat is higher quality than any other PS3 titles. Given that the game is so highly tactical and team-oriented, this is good news.

The clan options are also significantly more robust. An integrated clan calendar allows clan leaders to create scheduled events which are pushed out to all members of the clan. These events range from tournaments to clan matches and even open invitationals. Clan leaders can also interact with other clan leaders to set up events for all the clan members involved."

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PoSTedUP3744d ago

greatest online franchise ever. this game is sooooooo frigging awesome dog its not even funny, its intence, tactical, fun, epic, competitive, so realistic, it blows everything out of the water imo. i dont really need any other game but socom. YEAH! YEAH!

Overr8ed3744d ago

word. i cant believe the amount of teamwork that you need to use. And the Proxi chat is so cool!

plain rice3744d ago

You got that right. Seriously once they fix the issues with the loading and lag, I don't think I would have any more time to play other games. The gameplay is the best and it blows CoD4 away. CoD4 may win in the graphics department but Socom is just way more fun.

Overr8ed3744d ago

OMG N4G is going NUTZ!>!!!! I like the new layout but old stories are popping up!

AngryXbot3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Socom is going to pwn hard when it arrives.

Of course there are bugs. But thats what beta is for. Ironing out these bugs. Im glad they did beta and Im glad they now know what needs improving and what the bottlenecks are.

Game is going to pwn.

Headset is triple A! Like I said in the other thread. This is day one material people! Game is going to rock and pwn hard.

The good news? This game comes before LBP, R2 and Motor 2.
When those games come out, this triple A headset will be common and make those games even more of a blast.

Great strategy, great tactic.

Panthers3744d ago

This game is so freaking awesome once I get past the 5 min load screens.

Overr8ed3744d ago

yea it is kinda tedious, but worth it when you play a few rounds. Anyone played 32 player game yet?

thor3744d ago

Glad to see it's down to 5 minutes now - apparently it was like 40 when the beta came out lol

Panthers3744d ago

It varys just like it did when it came out. I dont play 32 player games because that takes way too long. I am enjoying the 8v8 though. Very old school.

whoelse3744d ago

Yes, I will be playing it much more when the loading improves further.

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ScottEFresh3744d ago

How do the explosions look in this game? On the videos they didn't look very good at all.

chasuk083744d ago

Yeh they dont look amazing mainly due to screen tearing, clipping and anti aliasing issues, which need to be fixed.

Panthers3744d ago

What are you talking about? Clipping? Anti asailing?

They look awesome. The grenades are especially impressive. Barrels. Cars. Every explosion is satisfying.

Overr8ed3744d ago

put this way it is Realistic.

PoSTedUP3744d ago

yup they look really realistic, i like how when you blow the bridge the dust pans out like in real life, like it shoots out across the street its like ultra realistic.

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Panthers3744d ago

i dont know what you are smoking

PimpHandStrong3744d ago

i guess i am seeing 1st hand what a bias for a title is all about

i guess some of you ppl here will say anything you think is true till someone reviews it!

you guys are clowns!

go plant a claymore and blow it off!

Shoot a RGP at a wall and tell me how that looks!

while your at it

go shoot some walls with your gun!

u guys are fukn blind!

clintos593743d ago

And yet no one complained about that. So why u complaining? Aslong as the game is fun as hell that doesnt matter.

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