Are HD Remasters Really Worth It?

Danny writes "Gaming is becoming more and more advanced as the years go on. The introduction of VR technology and the way AR is breaking new ground just goes to show what we as gamers are starting to expect from our games. Games look more lifelike than ever before and challenge us in ways we have never even dreamt about. So it begs the question why developers are so strung up on giving us “HD remasters” of past titles. And why do we lap them up so much?"

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Hoffmann910d ago

Are articles about the worth of remasters really worth it?

_-EDMIX-_909d ago

lol agreed.

games are subjective.

Its not a yes or no.

That is like saying, is FFXV "worth it" or is Halo 6 um "worth it".

To whom? Its not a simply yes or no. Does someone like those games? Maybe, will they buy them....maybe lol

I mean....this is up there with one of the dumbest articles. Do gamers not seriously understand that games are subjective or nah?

CorndogBurglar909d ago

"Do gamers not seriously understand that games are subjective or nah?"

Lol. Clearly you've never read the comments section here. :)

rainslacker909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Are comments questioning if the articles about the worth of remasters being worthwhile really worth it?

More on topic.

Sure, they're worth it. One doesn't have to buy them and they aren't taking away from new games in any way. They have their place, and if one is overly annoyed with their existence, they're either ignorant of the fact it's nothing more than the idea of cross gen ports in a pretty, more appealing packaging, or way too uppity about things that they can ignore and not partake in if they're not interested.

Never really cared if someone else doesn't find worth in a game that I'm interested in. Doesn't matter if it's a remaster or not. I'm an adult, make my own money, and can decide for myself what is worthwhile without the need to explore the topic in some sort of pseudo-intellectual way. I like to assume that most other gamers out there fall into the category of adults with money to spend, and if they're young, chances are, older games may have passed them by, so remasters are great, and even more relevant to them.

oKidUKo910d ago

I find I wont give them a look unless i missed it first time around then depending on price could be worth it.

Nyxus910d ago

Depends on what games they are, wether you've already played them and how much effort was put into the remaster.

InMyOpinion910d ago

Exactly. If I've already played the game I won't purchase it again. I'd rather spend my time experiencing something new. But if it's something I haven't played before, like The Last of Us, then remasters can be great.

Nyxus910d ago

I bought The Last of Us Remastered after a price drop, despite already playing it on PS3, because it's such a great game and I hadn't played the DLC yet.

CorndogBurglar909d ago

Yes and no.

The amount of times a game has been played by someone doesn't always mean anything. For instance, I played through Xcom Enemy Unknown/Within last gen countless times, but I would still buy a remastered edition on PS4 in a heartbeat and would love every second of it.

Quality of the remaster and the person's opinion of the game are what matter.

rainslacker909d ago

I actually like the ones that come from more than one generation removed, like the Sly collection or Jak & Daxter collection. Plus, they're collections, and not just remasters of a single game.

I don't mind the occasional more recent remaster. TLOU and UC:NDC being good examples. I even sprung for TR:DE because I did like the first game, and just felt like playing it again with new trophies. Valkyria Chronicles was my favorite though. Great game on PS3. Always in my rotation of games to play every so often. Plus it had all the DLC which I never got back in the day, and of course, great reason to grind for the trophies.:)

Good games stay good. People can determine for themselves if the game is worth getting for themselves.

Kosic909d ago

If they aren't remasters by Capcom then, they could be worth it. Seeing as a few titles that have been remastered I've not tried nor have the last gen to play em.

But honestly, I don't rush out to by a remastered game. Think the few I need to play still I've not picked up.

gepugg909d ago

I find that I like to buy remasters for games I consider myself to be a big fan of. I imported Dead Rising 1 and 2 on PS4 for their physical edition because I am a huge fan of the series- despite the relative lack of effort done to them. I don't regret it because I love the opportunity to play them again on a newer console and add them to my current collection, the worth of HD Remasters completely relies on your own perception of the game and whether you deem it to be worth it or not.

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