Remembering Wing Commander by Origin Systems

Carl Williams writes, "To say Origin was ahead of their time is quite an understatement. It is almost pointless to bring that back up, at least for retro gamers that were gaming around the “Origin Era” on PC’s. For everyone else, Origin was this development company that was doing stuff gamers only dreamed of. Take Wing Commander for instance, it was released in 1990 and was basically World War II in space and gamers ate it up. There was an actual story told in the game with animated cut scenes that were on topic. For the most part, previous attempts at this style of storytelling was left in the manuals and only sparsely shown on screen with static images of low quality. Origin went above and beyond this by having the cut scenes actually related to what was going on. Then there is the actual gameplay to keep early adopters interested."

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Apocalypse Shadow904d ago

Ah. The good ol days of gaming. Then EA came along and the party ended.R.I.P. Origin.

Just think of what a modern wing commander would have been like. The space combat part of COD infinite looks kinda close anyway.
Too bad I'm not a COD buyer. Or Activision for that matter.

ArchangelMike904d ago

I had all the wing commander games including Armada and Privateer. Good times, good times indeed :)

LordMaim903d ago

God damn would I give an ungodly amount of money to see a remade Wing Commander with modern graphics, as long as they don't try to redesign all the ships (like that terrible movie did). Particularly if they did it in VR. Just seeing the Claw hanging there in space outside the canopy of my Rapier... I miss that game.