Sony explains why UK's PS VR disc has less games

It's okay, PlayStation doesn't hate us.​

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SniperControl1769d ago

Hopefully i can pick up the missing demos on the US store.

Lionalliance1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

how the fudge did ya even get to that conclusion?!

Exoil1768d ago

Most things these days can be called racist for no apparent reason, so why not this? Surely there have to be a white man somewhere in the decision making process at Sony?

Livecustoms1768d ago

I see sarcasm doesn't exist on N4G xD

babadivad1768d ago

Chill out, it's obviously a joke.

Sunny_D1768d ago

Honestly it seemed pretty obvious it was sarcasm.

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Angeljuice1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


It's difficult to convey sarcasm (especially in an international forum like this).

As a Brit, my instinct was to read your message as sarcasm.,. Best to use "/s" after a sarcastic comment though as it helps others.

1768d ago
Livecustoms1767d ago

but using "/s" ruins the fun in the whole point of being sarcastic aha.

Tussin1871769d ago

Simple and to the point. No need to make it out to be the end of the world.

Automatic791769d ago

I have a question, what's going to be the killer app for PSVR?

I see no advertisement and hardly any mention for solid games.

Death1769d ago

There is no killer app for VR period. VR gaming is best in small doses. There are many people that will figure this out soon enough.

DeadlyOreo1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Said every bitter MS fan because they can't get VR ^

Whereas VR is going to be incredible for us PS4 users. Can't wait.

I'll be enjoying:

Resident Evil 7
Drive club
Stardust Ultra
EVE Valkarie
Rush of Blood

And every single other game on a giant cinema screen.

Is that not killer enough?

Rhythmattic1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Typical Death...
Just make it up as you go.
Lets give it the benefit of the doubt ay? Until people get their hands on it and play the EXCLUSIVES , its just all FUD,

Death1768d ago

You are currently playing how many of these killer apps? Why can't I get VR again? Both my PC and PS4 support it. Since VR launched in spring there hasn't been a game that justified a purchase. I don't see PSVR changing that soon.

S2Killinit1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Ahh good old death with his anti-sony agenda. There are plenty of killer apps if you go by what people who have actually tried it have reported.

There are over 50 games incoming by the end of the year, which is insane for a new hardware by the way.

My personal favorites:
GT Sport; Valkyrie; RE7; Drive Club GT; RIGGS; Ace Combat 7; Unti Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Any horror game really as they are terrifying in VR. Cant wait.

Goldby1768d ago


Im actually agreeing with Death on this, and im buying a PSVR
theres an article i wrote up about how Sony is viewing the PSVR and what the killer "app" will be.
Hint: its immersion. there wont be one game that pushes it but the experience we get from the games that will be the killer app for it.

Instead of interacting with the game, we are actually going to be inside the game. adn thats what will push it

Eonjay1768d ago

The Killer app is Resident Evil 7... This is the biggest VR game to date... and it might actually kill people lol. No seriously, But yeah, RE7 is a real AAA game and horror is intensified with VR anyway. The game has a lot of hype anyway for the series and to be able to play the entire game in VR is pretty much the biggest thing coming to VR period. Other than that, I would say FarPoint is looking really good. There are others like DriveClub which has been called the best VR racer.

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SpaceRanger1769d ago

They speak for themselves based on interests. There's enough variety of launch games that there's no reason to push one over the others.

If there were only 1 or 2 games coming out this holiday for PSVR, then it would make sense to push them like crazy.

Automatic791768d ago

Please clarify, who is they? What variety do you speak of. I have no clue what titles will launch with PSVR and it comes out in a few weeks. I am not being funny. This is a legit question.

DeadlyOreo1768d ago


That's because you don't have a PS4 and you're being ignorant to VR.

All of us PS4 owners picking up VR have a very good idea of what exactly is coming out.

Liqu1d1768d ago

@Michael "I have no clue what titles will launch with PSVR"

You clearly haven't been paying attention then.

rainslacker1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Given the abundant articles on what games are coming with the PSVR launch, the only conclusion I can come to is that you are either being willfully ignorant, or trying to imply that PSVR will not have any games. Perhaps you missed Sony's E3 conference as well, where they showed off quite a few. There are sites dedicated to what VR games are coming. Sony's own blog has a list of games with links.

Google is your friend, try using it, and you won't come off as a fan boy trying to make a pre-emptive "no games" argument. I'd make a list of games for you, but i feel it would be pointless, and the information is easily obtained through a search on N4G, or any search engine....including Bing.

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ritchi451768d ago

I'd say the best bet so far, for me at least, would be RIGS. It could be the VR equivalent of Rocket League possibly. Just my thoughts at least

ArchangelMike1768d ago

There has been a ton of PSVR marketing over the last month, you just have to be tuned in to the right channels.
Playstation have been releasing a steady stream of PSVR gametrailers over the last month for their most highprofile games (definately check out the first Until Dawn video below - hilarious!!!)

Until Dawn:Rush of Blood





That's just a few that are being advertised for launch, but there's loads out there coming this year and early next year that are being advertised as well, check out the Resident Evil reaction trailer (again.. hilarious)

Resident Evil 7

Robinson : The Journey

joeorc1768d ago

@MichaelLito7915h ago
[I have a question, what's going to be the killer app for PSVR?

I see no advertisement and hardly any mention for solid games]

I would say it will be multiple Killer apps, but Dreams may not infact be the big one by many PS4 gamers due to being a full open world souped up Little big planet, with way more functionality built in less limitations on camera angles, Printing to 3D printers and since you can see from any angle with sculpting tool functionality Artists are already having a blast with the games toolset..with VR sculpting functionality is quite advantageous including the VR functionality.

Errorist761768d ago

Why are you interested in killer apps?! Quit your fake don't own a PS4 anyway.

leoms1768d ago

His XB1S 4K UHD was not useful so he needs to troll :)

Automatic791767d ago

I love how one person answered my question and the rest jumped on to insult me. This is N4g community for you. Either way I had a legit question and instead of it turning into a civil discussion it is fanboy fest.


I own a PS4 and have played several games for it so please pump your brakes. Just because it's not my primary system doesn't mean that I don't play PS4. I treat it like my secondary system.

WMANUW1768d ago

porn my friend, porn will be really success of vr.

Errorist761766d ago

There won't be any porn on PSVR though.

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WeaseL1768d ago

They should just release the same disc but with a disclaimer saying some demos are in English only and leave it up to the player to choose.

Aenea1768d ago

Then PSVR on the box needs a PEGI rating of 18 as well which is not what they want, it's not just about localisation.

rainslacker1768d ago

Different countries in the EU have their own laws pertaining to game or media releases. Kind of like how some places in Canada require both English and french. Some countries require that a localized language be available, or that secondary languages be available on the disc. Some movies get away without it if they're subtitled, and I believe even some games can get away with it, but it is a pretty big thing. Since EU releases tend to be for the entire region, it can limit the games coming out if a developer or publisher decides to not do a particularly localization.

I'd imagine the games themselves will eventually be localized, as it's not that costly, and they obviously will not want to leave out an entire region due to not doing what is needed.

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