Coded Arms: Assault Screenshots

Some more Coded Arms: Assault (PS3) Screenshots. Coded Arms Assault lets players unleash high levels of destruction on environments, using explosions to send deadly debris flying towards their opponents and strategically using high-powered weaponry to shoot out enemy cover. Multiplayer modes let players go head-to-head and also play through the game's story mode cooperatively online.

andy capps6195d ago

Looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to learning more about the story and seeing more screenshots and some videos.

omansteveo6195d ago

This game looks cool but i keep thinking about how the psp game sucked so bad...who knows though..maybe they can actually make this version fun

Fuzz McDeath6194d ago looks almost as good as Halo 2 and about half as good as Perfect Dark Zero....Hope they plan on adding a lot of polish to this game. Specially with shooters like Gears of War, Halo 3, Rainbow 6: Vegas, Brothers in Arms 3, COD 3, Killzone 2 (or is it 3? Whenever it comes out) - the shooter market is full of great games - gonna be hard to stand out.

achira6194d ago

you should buy glasses ignorant xrat.

sonyISgod6194d ago

this game is only 15% complete, get your fact str8, and you are right about it looking better most of your complete 360 titles. ahaha now that is just sad... ahhah

PS360PCROCKS6194d ago

Your the ignorant one, he named a bunch of PS3 games as well...Rainbow 6: Vegas, Brothers in Arms 3, COD 3, Killzone why r u knocking him for his opinion...

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