Missing PS3 Titles Part Three - Coded Arms: Assault and DarkWatch 2

In's third instalment of our Missing PS3 titles feature, we examine Coded Arms: Assault and DarkWatch 2, two games that have maintained a high degree of interest among PS3 fans and yet, concurrently, have remained all but non-existant in the public eye for some time now.

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THE_JUDGE4768d ago

is it was canned or at the least on hold because the Unreal Engine wasn't working good enough on the PS3. I hope that Konami goes ahead and reup's on the new version of the UR engine and finishes the game. The game on PSP was pretty sweet.

pwnsause4767d ago

if you think about it, the level of fidelity in that trailer would never be able to be achieved if they used the UE3 engine.

MK_Red4768d ago

I'd really like to see the DarkWatch 2.

Fishy Fingers4768d ago

Need Coded Arms info please :)

I loved the first taste we got all those years ago, Id actually forgotten about it until this article (probably the point).

Get pestering NoUseMerc and dig us up something good!

damnwrx4768d ago

It was purty'good, I must say.......

Palodios4767d ago

It seems like no one here actually read the post. This is news to me, that Coded Arms was officially cancelled, but Konami has been pretty off and on about it. At the very least, we finally have an answer.

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