Batman’s Rocksteady: “It’s Definitely Time to Do Something Else”

With Batman VR now going gold, Rocksteady is once again saying goodbye to the Caped Crusader, and this time it seems to be for good.

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-Foxtrot756d ago

Well bang goes Batman Beyond

I think they need to do a Constantine game.

stimm16755d ago

Dangit. I hadn't even considered it would mean no batman beyond game... But yeah, I'd love to see Constantine.

Becuzisaid755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

I'd love them to take a shot at a Superman game, if only to see if it's possible to make a good Superman game.

Either that or Green Lantern, but I have no ideas how someone could really pull that off. I just love Green Lantern.

Goldby755d ago

green latern would be a difficult one to make as the power of green latern is based on the will and imagination of the ring wielder.

Superman would be difficult unless they did something similar to Megaton: Rainfall where the health bar is for the city of Metropolis instead of Supes.

Personally though, with the combat style the go with, i think a Deadpool game would be pretty awesome, even better if they got Ryan Reynolds to voice it

Goldby755d ago

What about Midnighter?

Poopyman755d ago

Superman Returns for the Xbox already used the city/health bar concept.

OpieWinston755d ago

Nah TT should do a Hellblazer series.
Rocksteady has a talent for action games and hopefully their "Dream" game is another DC product.

-Foxtrot755d ago

A TellTale Hellblazer game would be shit

I want to play as Constantine and kickass while controlling him not point and click my way through the game

PhucSeeker755d ago

I think WB Games Montréal can do Beyond justice if WB actually put time and money into it which is highly unlikely.

Mikefizzled755d ago

Rocksteady are too big to do a Constantine game. It couldn't even hold together for a single tv series, It's too niche.

-Foxtrot755d ago (Edited 754d ago )

Lol...the Hellblazer comics are pretty popular. The reason the show failed is because they didn't do it right, the put him in America AGAIN when it's a British thing and tried to make it like a typical American show. Then they didn't have faith it it enough.


Bullshit? LOL

Have you even read the god damn thing it's set in the UK. He visits America a few times and that's it


OpieWinston754d ago

Well Constantine died on NBC because they killed it. Slammed it in the Friday slot and then totally mis managed it till they could cancel it. I mean the last minute timeslot changes destroyed it's ratings. And yet they renewed the garbage Grimm for years.
Foxtrots reason is total BS. Constantine is more universal, popularity in Sherlock in the states proves that.

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Errorist76756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Can't wait to see what they have got in store for us next.

stimm16755d ago

Even after not loving Arkham Knight as much, I am still right there with you. I have faith that anything from Rocksteady is definitely worth getting excited over.

Goldby755d ago

i recently beat it again, as the batfleck batman and man, i never realised how much foreshadowing was in that game. i dunno if it was just me, but when i first faced the Arkam knight and lost, the loading screen had Robin saying he'll never stop fighting.. hmmmm

Apocalypse Shadow755d ago

Since daredevil is hot on Netflix, it would have been nice to have seen them tackle that. After watching that canceled daredevil game on YouTube, would be nice to see someone come back with one.

Oh well... Maybe they'll make some new awesome IP.

OpieWinston755d ago

1. WB owns Rocksteady
2. Marvel is playing the licensing game.
3. Daredevil is a knock off Batman so I doubt their Dream game is going from Batman to Daredevil.

ThatArtGuy754d ago

If you think that Daredevil is a knock off Batman, you don't know Daredevil.

SaveFerris755d ago

I'd like to see Rocksteady create a brand new ip.

Markusb33755d ago

It's a massive gamble but I really woukd like to see good devs create new u
Ips like guerilla and other studios who rely on their franchises. Maybe it makes them try new things and come out of the comfort zone. There are enough regular franchises around

oIITSBIIo755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Sad to see my favourite game of all time fade away but it's how life works, I hope their next game will be as good as Arkham series and if I could wish I would love to see them do an ARPG game .

oIITSBIIo755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Overall AK=AC>AA
Story AC=AK>AA
Gameplay AK>AC>AA
Boss fight AC>AA>AK
Graphics AK>AC>AA
Music AC>AK=AA

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