Capcom wants to be the world's no.1 games developer

Capcom has aspirations to become the world's no.1 games developer, a note posted in the company's annual report has said.

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Hoffmann2853d ago

Deep Down, they know they will never be in the top 25 again even.

Deep Down..they know that their Prime was around 20 years ago.

....Deep Down..they know that the ton of DLC they have in their games made too many people avoiding their games now to become a top video game developer again.

Deep Down..they know they are almost OB-SO-LETE now.

Kos-Mos2853d ago

Deep down you don't know what you're talking about as Capcom produce more quality games you'd probably never heard of. And with a little effort they might take the western market (yes, that includes Europe too).
And deep down I agree Resident Evil been crap since the ok one #5.

Hoffmann2853d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I played almost every Capcom game they released in the last 30 years from Mega Man in 1987 to SFV this year.. The last Capcom game I bought was the Sengoku Basara Yukimura Sanada game last month.

Am pretty sure I know about what I am talking when I say that Capcom's prime was around 15-20 years ago back when they released one great game after another.

darthv722853d ago

Deep down, capcom really wanted to bring SFV to the XB1 but Sony wouldn't let them.

FreddyFazbear2853d ago

Resi 5 was the start of resi downfall. The game is not even scary. 4 is superior in every way. The only thing good about resi 5 is wesker. and its a short game too can finish it in just 5 hours or less.

freshslicepizza2853d ago

first off they need to stop making exclusive deals like dead rising and street fighter. they also need to stop the dlc ripoffs. then they should go back to the drawing board and create new ip's and old ones in a balanced fashion.

bouzebbal2853d ago

Breath of fire

And you will be the best for me

MasterCornholio2853d ago


"Deep down, capcom really wanted to bring SFV to the XB1 but Sony wouldn't let them."

Sony doesn't own the IP though. So if Capcom wanted they could have not made the deal with Sony and released the game on XB1.

mechlord2852d ago

you seem to be butthurt deep deep in...

darthv722852d ago

@master, there in lies the problem. Capcom made the deal and part of that deal was exclusivity. something sony has said repeatedly they don't pay for. well... they do.

At least when MS fronts the $$ they don't lock out the wares forever but they get called the bad guy.

TheCommentator2852d ago

Yes he does. Capcom can never be number one when all they do is "drop deuces". I'd say you can't polish a turd, but Mythbusters proved that you actually can so I guess anything's possible, lol!

_-EDMIX-_2852d ago

@Hoff- Agreed! At least back then they kept their budget in check.

Last gen, we saw Capcom basically chasing EA, Activision etc in regards to trying to spend on HUGE budgets expecting HUGE returns, yet they are shocked when they are almost bankrupt.

Its not saying DMC or RE or anything like that is bad, merely that they are not 15 or 20 million unit sellers and Capcom KNEW this going into that gen. Now they are paying for it BIG TIME!

They got Nintendo, Sony and MS flipping the bill on several titles. Pretty soon and someone is going to either buy them out or buy their IPs as I don't think Capcom can afford to make those huge AAA titles like they made last gen.

I believe REVII is only even what it is SOLELY based on them NOT having money to make it this stupid Gears clone shoot em up. RE VII is them seeking to make a RE that they know they won't go broke making. They seriously need to stay in their lane and be more conservative on their spending. Not saying no Onimusha or DMC etc, but they should not be having theses MASSIVE budgets and if they can't afford it make it on PS4, XONE, PC, NX etc......they shouldn't make it on ALL PLATFORMS!

THEY ARE NOT EA OR ACTIVISION, they legit NEED to stop trying to be like them. If they only make it on PS4/PSVita or PS4/NX I'm fully fine with that IF it means them making a respectable return and STILL EXISTING.
Square and Sega have zero shame in making a huge AAA on 1 or 2 platforms on their own and I think Capcom needs to start considering only making games on platforms they can get solid returns on, as suppose to YOLO.

_-EDMIX-_2852d ago

@Darth- "capcom really wanted to bring SFV to the XB1 but Sony wouldn't let them"

LOL! Well...Sony is flipping the bill, why would Sony fund at title for MS?

Also Sony doesn't own the SF IP bud, Capcom is very, very likely free to release it on XONE if they want to, they likely can't because they likely can't afford it. Just like they likely couldn't afford to bring it to XONE, PS4 and PC day and date.

Consider Nintendo, Sony and MS are all flipping the bill for some projects for Capcom. That doesn't sound like a sound company to me bud.

XanderZane2852d ago

Capcom is done. When you need another company to step in and help you pay to get a game developed, you know your days are number. Deep Down we know that "Deep Down" will never be completed and released because Capcom is going broke. Yes, Capcom was well respected when they were releasing games like Maximo, SF3, Marvel -vs- Capcom, Bionic Commando, Resident Evil 1-4, Dragon Dogma and Okami. Since that time, they have taken a sharp dive into the abyss of oblivion. I haven't bought a Capcom game in over 3 years now. Last game I bought was Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Petebloodyonion2852d ago

@ Darth, Master and Etc.
Didn't Capcom had a similar deal with Nintendo regarding Resident evil4?
Yet that didn't prevent them from bringing it to PS2?

ABizzel12852d ago

If Capcom wants to even be close to the best developer / publisher.

1. They need to stop making mediocre games. Almost everything they've made this gen have been mediocre at best, or lacking in so much content or substance, it feels like half a game. Even their AAA IP's have been nothing, but average. Put the breaks on, and really flesh out the ideas that made these AAA franchises great and fan faves for 10+ years, and rebuild and modernize/evolve them in terms of gameplay.

Resident Evil, need to be about survival-horror, not an worse version of the action movies with what are now poor controls.

Street Fighter would have been fine, if it launched as a full Street Fighter game, and not SFV 1/4 of the content edition.

Devil May Cry and DmC need to combine and make a love child, that takes 90% of DMC such as original Dante's and cast personalities, gameplay & combat, game engine (60 fps), etc... and mix it with the world, and new lore of DmC.

Monster Hunter needs a real next-gen console version for PS4 / NX, and maybe Xbox (it's sales are heavily JP based, and considering how XB does there it might not be worthwhile).

Marvel vs Capcom, probably the only IP they still have / had that is consistently good.

Those are their big 5, and they need to make sure they're always great.

2. Revise many of your other franchises, even if that means mid range budgets for them.

Onimusha, Okami, Power Stone, Dragon's Dogma, Dino Crisis, Megaman, and more are all IP's that have been sorely underused.

When the AAA teams are done with their games have them working on a similar franchise.

3. NEW IP, Capcom has done nothing good this gen as far as New IP goes.

You want to even be in the conversation for being one of the best developers / publishers start there.

XisThatKid2852d ago

Lol won't be for me not what they're doing with Power Stone franchise or lack there of.

pompombrum2852d ago

Capcom used to produce quality games but they've scared off all their talent. They'll never be number one nor anywhere close, one step forward, about fifty steps back seems to be their modus operandi these days. Get positive responses from RE7, one step forward.. secretly installing rootkits on PC game updates, fifty steps back. They can enjoy their 15 minutes of cockiness due to the reception of RE7 but then the cold harsh reality settles in when more tech sites pick up on this PC update and they'll be in full damage control.

MasterCornholio2852d ago


"At least when MS fronts the $$ they don't lock out the wares forever but they get called the bad guy."

Sony did the same with many titles such as The Witness and Firewatch. Microsoft also has permanent exclusives such as Sunset Overdrive and Scalebound.

Both companies try to lock games whenever possible. Difference between the two is that it's easier for Sony to do this because of their much larger install base some that Microsoft should have stopped from happening.

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2pacalypsenow2853d ago

Can you even name 25 studios that are better than capcom?

Hoffmann2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Let me try:

In no peticular order:

id Software
Level 5
Double Helix Games
Iron Galaxy
Epic Games
Gearbox Software
Game Freak
Blizzard Entertainment
Arc System Works
Riot Games
Platinum Games
HAL Laboratory
Polyphony Digital
Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile)
Crate Entertainment (Grim Dawn)
Nordic Games / THQ Nordic

All of them released better games than Capcom in the last years. ALL of them.

yomfweeee2853d ago

Hoffman just because a studio makes one good game.... doesn't make them some great studio. Grinding Gear games has 1 title since they were founded in 2006. I don't think you can call them a top 25 studio. There probably are 25 better studios and you left out some pretty obvious ones.

2pacalypsenow2853d ago

So releasing one game in the last year makes them better? some of those have not released anything great in years and some of those don't even develop games they just port them or make F2p games, those are better than Capcom? Double Helix Games really? Iron galaxy made the Arkham knight PC port and 7 days to die..

XanderZane2852d ago

I would throw in From Software, Bethesda, Take-Two Interactive and Larian Studios onto Hoffmann's list.

Armaggedon2852d ago

The problem with Capcom is not that they do not have the skill to make good games, its that they forsake making good games for using scummy practices to make a profit. They have even completely forsaken their mascot: Megaman. They are now a shadow of their former selves, and that is just the truth.