Pocket Gamer: Spore Creatures Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "It says a lot for mankind as a species that the first thing anyone does when faced with the ability to mimic the almighty is make monsters that look like a giant walking John Thomas. So overwhelming has the flood of 'sporn' been for the recently released PC version of Spore that it already threatens to overshadow the game, with dozens of websites springing up that would make even a furry fetishist blench.

In the interests of thoroughness, trying to mimic such creationist erotica was naturally all part of the reviewing process, but the results were disappointingly un-titillating. Although expansive in its own way, Spore Creatures' creature creator doesn't allow anywhere near the freedom of its PC big brother. Not least because all the creatures are rendered as 2D cut-outs, with each body part layered on top of the other as if it's made of Fuzzy Felt."

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