Eurogamer: Florensia Preview

Eurogamer writes: "I'm not sure how I ended up in this position, hammering the D key on my computer in a desperate attempt to keep my ship's starboard cannons turned towards a giant crab attacking me from the rear. I can't help wondering: if I had shelled out more money for a better crew, would I have even found myself in this predicament? When I started Florensia, this certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

There's hardly a shortage of anime-style RPGs out there, nor is there a shortage of anime-style free-to-play MMORPGs. So something has to be pretty special to break through the crowd.

Set in fantasy world in which magic destroyed most land masses, leaving only three islands in a vast worldwide ocean, Florensia describes itself as a "free-to-play next-gen MMO" and offers a mix both character- and ship-based questing and combat. It's currently in open beta testing."

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