Force Unleashed crushed under the weight of expectation

That VideoGame Blog outlines why gamers will once again be disappointed by another Star Wars game. This time possibly even more so than ever before.

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Hellsvacancy3716d ago

but im waiting for Star Wars Battlefront 3

sonarus3716d ago

Yea it could be a rental. I'm a huge star wars fan but personally wasn't expecting much

JsonHenry3716d ago

If they had made the game more like Outcast or Jedi Academy (better controls, targetting, and more interactive light-saber duels) then this game would have been a hit.

As it stands from playing it - it is a fun game. But more of a rental than a buy. (IMO)

Mr_Bun3716d ago

I was disappointed with the demo too. I really didn't like the quicktime button sequence for the AT-ST. Maybe I expected too much but when you have a light saber, you should be able to destroy whatever you want with out having to go into the quicktime button response.

frey3716d ago

This will be a rental for me as well, as much as I like games like this, The force unleashed plays too awkwardly and is a bit too shoddy to enjoy.

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Exorgasm3716d ago

The demo was fun but it didn't seem worth the purchase to me. It felt like a upgraded version of Jedi Power Battles.

Mozilla893716d ago

Its really funny cause I tried the same things he did like trying to get the Stormtroopers to cling on to objects on purpose and wondering if I could cut things in half. I also noticed the thing about the droids always falling apart the same way no matter how you hit them.

It was fun, but just a regular single player mode is not enough to get me to shell out 60 bucks, I'll rent it beat it and give it back. Like most people I was hoping for a Jedi Outcast/Academy experience. Man I hope they make a proper sequel to it...

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thenickel3716d ago

I just want another shadows of the empire or Jedi Knights Outcast to come out. I liked the demo but was hoping the saber fighting would have been much deeper.

okcomputer3716d ago

I don't get that comment, the saber fighting in force unleashed seems much better than the saber in jedi outcast. There weren't even any combos in jedi outcast, and you can do a lot more with the saber combat wise in force unleashed, and thats just from the demo.

thenickel3716d ago

I wasn't comparing it to outcast and what I meant by deeper is really hard to explain. Still the demo was nice and the story seems to be very deep so I will play it 1st before giving my opinion.

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