Seriously, Sony? #PatchDriveclub

Driveclub director, Paul Rustchynsky, confirmed to fans on Twitter that neither versions of Driveclub will support the Playstation 4 Pro.

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Activemessiah2851d ago

A LOT of games will not be patched.. I have yet to get a PS4... I'm just simply at this point looking to get the old fat one on a cheap price and be done with all this.

2pacalypsenow2851d ago

Or just buy the pro and play the future games that will take advantage of the Pro's extra power?

Artemidorus2849d ago

It's not mega power it's an upgrade to upscale Playstation games.

You really think 4.18 TFLOP is going to provide you mind blowing stuff then get ready for shattered dreams.

Forn2849d ago


I've been blown away by OG PS4 games, so I think I'll be good with more than double the GPU power.

freshslicepizza2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

which games will take advantage of the pro's power? that's where the messaging goes flat and driveclub wont be one of them.

SonyWarrior2849d ago

@Artemidorus i think you mistaken what you said will be true about the scorpio when that comes out it will show very little difference between it and PS4 Pro

BattleAxe2849d ago

This is what I love about Sony.....

abstractel2849d ago

The studio is defunct, why would anyone in their right mind think that their games would be upgraded to PS4 Pro?

Unspoken2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Save yourself a couple bucks and buy the older PS4 when everyone unloads and you can get a good deal.

Money is better spent on the console that will see a much bigger difference in power, Xbox One -> Scorpio, and still be faster than the Pro, and will be able to utilize your new 4K TV with higher resolution games and UHD playback.

donthate2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Or just get a Scorpio and be done with Sony. The whole DriveClub debacle is a slap in the face, and then Sony goes out and bars EA Access, prevents cross-play with Xbox, and prevents mods (like on Fallout 4) while raising the cost of PS+.

Now Sony won't even bother supporting their own new console, PS4 Pro. Sony truly didn't leave PS4 Slim/Standard user behind, they instead gimped PS4 Pro. I guess you get what you pay for.

Vote with your wallet people! Vote with your wallet! #4theplayers

Ju2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

@donthate...isn't your name cynical? Just saying.

Exactly. Vote with your wallet. Nothing wrong with the existing PS4 and a great opportunity getting into it when more used boxes will become available. And while the PS4 pro won't see immediate massive upgrades (it still runs current games faster and more stable, user interface and all that will benefit from the 500MHz clock upgrade also), framerate will be more stable, and dynamic resolution scaling will probably always reach to full 1080p (while there aren't really a lot of games out which do that) - without patching any games. And that for roughly $50 more if you are in a market for a new machine. Just add a 1TB drive to the entry level PS4 (or XB1S) and you would totally miss out on that for JUST $50 more. 500GB runs out fast, I wonder if I should upgrade my standard or just trade it in against a Pro. It does not have any negatives vs. the Standard model, but it will only get the benefits in the long run. Scorpio is a year out. If you guys are lucky. the Pro will prepare a 4K market by then so you will actually have games to play on that machine. Or are you saying by some magic, the Scorpio will all of a sudden run existing XB1 games with new feature without patching?

AuToFiRE2848d ago

Extra power? I have 10 TFLOPs in my PC

DigitalRaptor2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

@ Artemidorus

The ones who's dreams are going to be shattered by the reality of Scorpio are going to be the ones putting all stock into it 12+ months ahead of time (based on a single number and PR claims), and the same ones that believed in the lies of cloud processing and DirectX 12 to save the XB1 from inferior experiences. Sony's hardware-based checkerboard rendering method is going to bring the image quality of upscaled 4K so close to native that it's going to be painful. Just like it's painfully cringeworthy to look back on the embarrassments that argued "the power of the cloud", DX12 and hidden GPU secret sauce.

But I'm probably not going to have a 4K screen so I won't care and will continue to play amazing looking supersampled 1080p games, with richer scene detail and improved frame rates.

People can boast 4K all they want, but who didn't have a 1080p screen in 2013?
Can't say the same about 4KTVs.

@ Donthate

Damn.... the PS4 Pro really is exposing the Xbox fanboys and undercover shills like nothing else. Lack of an EA vault, mods and cross-play that XB1 is not going to get anyway, is definitely going to annoy the small percentage of gamers that ACTUALLY care about it, to switch to Scorpio.

Honestly, what you gonna bring up next? Lack of a non-gaming UHD Blu-ray drive? How about things like, you know, GAMES.... the things that Sony has more of and that are better?

@ moldybread

King Disingenuous Liar is back. Aside from the bunch of games Sony has announced, and the mandate for PS4 Pro games from October onwards..... the messaging for PS4 Pro is stronger and more honest than Scorpio's that's for sure. The flip-flopping executives of Xbox have talked about "uncompromised 4K", whilst saying that not all games will be 60fps (which is a compromise), whilst committing all their first-party games to native 4K over higher-detail and better frame rates (the things they claimed to value more before Scorpio was announced), and thus third-party devs will experience compromise too. Xbox as usual, has way worse mixed messaging, but you're not bothered about talking about it. You'd rather throw shade at Sony.

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Aenea2849d ago

You will want a 1TB at least, a Slim or old model with 1TB is $350/€350, for only 50 more you have the Pro...

All future games will have patches and older games still might get them anyways...

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C-H-E-F2849d ago

I'm about to put mine on ebay for 200$. Seeing that I will be upgrading to the pro. If interested PM me.

XanderZane2849d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Ok, so let me get this straight. All of the PS4 games will in fact play on the PS4 Pro, but unless all these developers patch the games to take advantage of the PS4 Pro 4K upscaling and HDR10 support, all the games will still run and look just the original PS4 version. Is this correct? Is this what Evo Studios are talking about. They won't patch their DriveClub or DriveClub VR game to take advantage of all the PS4 extra features and horsepower? That's totally screwed for Sony if it's only a few of their 1st party titles that are getting patched.

Ju2849d ago

Why would devs want that? For games which still sell this makes sense, but for games which reached their sweetspot in sales (= they aren't really selling any more) means, developers have to put work in those games without getting compensated. Or are you telling me, you'd pay for a Pro patch?

I do expect older games will still run slightly better. If they are unlocked, they will run a higher framerate. If they use some dynamic resolution scaling (which would dip below 1920 pix per line), those games will most likely never dip. Not a massive upgrade, but it will still make it more stable. BF will be close to stable 60fps, for example.

So, if you are in for a new machine, there is really no reason not to get that model.

jholden32492849d ago

Wii U was "twice the power" of PS3 and yet, for all intents and purposes, they look pretty close to the same. "Twice the power" is paltry. 10x-20x.... That's when it'll start blowing you away.

Obscure_Observer2849d ago

There goes the hype for Driveclub running FULL EFFECT on PS4PRO :(

Respect for Paul and his team. They slip a bit at first then work very hard on Driveclub to make on of the best racing games of this generation.

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ziggurcat2851d ago

seeing as how the studio is defunct, i don't see how/why they would be able to work on something new for this game...

Majin-vegeta2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Sony owns the IP...

@Ziggur Sony can just pass it off to another studio.

ziggurcat2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Sony's not the developer.

edit: it's not that simple.

RogueOne2851d ago

Dude, did you even read this article?

The studio was defunct and still working on Driveclub VR. The creative director of DC said they would do the work but Sony hasn't asked.

Kribwalker2850d ago

Whose making driveclub VR?