GoNintendo Review: N+

GN reports:

''Who would have known that this tiny ninja could travel so far? I remember playing N on the PC a long, long time ago. I loved the game back then, but never did I think I would see it on consoles. It definitely took awhile to make the transition, but eventually that same ninja jumped from the confines of a PC to the realm of console gaming.

First, we saw N+ on Xbox Live Arcade. Due out shortly after that was N+ on PSP and DS. The creators of the original N weren't happy with the way that PSP/DS development was going, so they held the title back for quite awhile. Finally, N+ recently released for both portable platforms. I had my copy reserved for a long time now, and just this morning, I managed to beat the game. Having spend so many years with N, I think I know my way around the series. How does the pocket-sized version hold up?''

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