Playing Journey for the First Time - Thoughts on Hype vs Reputation

Garry Balogh from Grab It writes:

"I'm sitting here on my couch, headphones plugged into my DualShock 4. My TV is displaying the title page for Journey - the multiple award winning indie darling by which every other artistic, "experiential" game has been measured since its release four and a half years ago.

It's been waiting patiently for me on my PS4's hard drive since being included in September's PS Plus offerings, and I've finally set aside some uninterrupted time in which to experience what all the fuss has been about. I’ve read and been told that a couple of hours is all I’ll need...."

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Thatguy-3102863d ago

Nothing beats experiencing the game when it first came out. Everyone was so clueless about what it would offer that everything even the hidden multiplayer was nailed perfectly.

SniperControl2863d ago

Awesome game, i actually had it on PS3 but never got round to playing it because of my backlog, when it came to PS4 i picked it up and loved it.

In my top 10 of all time games.

UltraNova2862d ago

I played it last week for the 1st time. So relaxing and engrossing...and that ending....nailed it. The coop was a big surprise as well and I met some pretty helpful people along the way.

Great experience. They should keep pumping more gems like this and I will keep buying them.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2862d ago

When it came out has nothing to do with how good it is. I've never played it so it's new to me. It should feel to me like when it first came out. Shouldn't it?

GamingIVfun2862d ago

Journey is a amazing experience. Love it.

nveenio2861d ago

When Journey came out is when I played it, but I wasn't full of any hype for it, so hype wasn't a factor in my experience. In fact, until I met that first stranger in white (the first contact I ever made in the game), it was simply a cool game with fun navigation. It was that journey, with that stranger, that turned it into my greatest gaming experience to date.

We traveled from the point where you CAN first meet other people all the way to the skies at the end, and that's where we lost each other. I stood on that final platform (before the final ascension to the mountain) blipping my heart out looking for my digital life-partner, but he/she was nowhere to be found. I waited for probably ten minutes, hoping we could walk into the light together. Finally, I gave up, and proceeded to the mountain. And what did I find? My partner sitting patiently, waiting for my arrival. We blipped back and forth excitedly and entered the light together.

I have fond memories of that. No other game has given me that kind of experience.

Goldby2861d ago


Nice to see you again. :)

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hells_supernova2862d ago

I agree I just replayed it on PS4 the other day and I had one guy for most of the game and experiencing it with someone you don't know but you help each other wait for each other etc it is powerful especially the snow part!!!

SlappingOysters2862d ago

Still on my pile of shame. So embarrassing.

Goldby2862d ago

I hope you mean embarrassing that you havent played it yet. This game alone even on ps3 when it wasnt at 60fps was better than most games out today.

ThatGameCompany knows how to make a game different than all that is out there.
The entire game (minus credits) only had 2 words, no lobby, no voice chat, no player id. By taking away aspects we have come accustomed to they avtually opened not only our eyes to the art of Journey but also our hearts to the ither strangers whom we encountered.

Being a White wanderer i have waited 30 minutes by certain parts of the game, waiting for someone who needs my help or someone who doesnt want to be alone on their venture from life to death and the After.

One time another white wanderer and i desided to dance in the skyes above us, using eachothers scarves as energy to continue floating and spinning mid air.

No matter how much people love the killing and gore in most fps and action games. Nothing and i mean nothing willmake your heart beat like journey.

SlappingOysters2862d ago

Yeah totally embarrassed I have not played it yet. Huge hole in my gaming history.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I've seen the previews hyping it up, saying it's GOTY, such an emotional game.

I just don't see it, what's emotional about a walking piece of paper? I've never played the game and I probably never will, just doesn't seem like something I would be interested in. And I'm a sucker for emotional story games like Final Fantasy or The Last of Us but Journey just doesn't look interesting to me. Does it have an emotional story? Like the piece of floating paper falls in love with a pencil or something? I don't know, just guessing the game is probably overrated.

Deadlead2862d ago

Well if you have a PS4, it was just given as a PS+ game free of charge. Given your level of skepticism it appears you've already made up your mind, but if not you've got nothing to lose. It truly is a special title.

Lsbb2862d ago

Loved this game. Played it for the first time 2 days ago. A real gem.

Thatguy-3102862d ago

Depends on your way of thinking. The game is open to interpretation. The music and the visual arts combine really pull the heart strings. When you think deeply of what you played through the experience does become a memorable one.

ironcrow23862862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

ok I have to ask if I played the same journey as everyone else?? having recently downloaded from ps plus I thought id see what all the fuss was about and tbh I cant believe how boring it actually was 😐

Errorist762862d ago

Not a game for the simple minded.

ironcrow23862861d ago

What you mean slow walking through sand with no clear directive?? Sorry but i prefer my games to have a bit more depth

Goldby2861d ago

Iron crow.

Journey is alot deeper than slow walking through the sands.how far did you get through it?

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Aloymetal824d ago

My fav indie game ever, played this on ps4 and ps5. Too bad it does not have a plat trophy.


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