Digital Chumps Review: Vampire Rain: Altered Species

It's been over a year now since Vampire Rain was released for the Xbox 360 to a battery of dismal reviews with issues noted such as laughable AI, terrible story, weak presentation, a ludicrously linear 'stealth' experience – the list goes on. Now the 'experience' comes to PS3 in the form of Vampire Rain: Altered Species. Altered Species is still the same (bad) game with just a handful of additional features that do nothing to improve the game.

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Rockstar3695d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

There is no way this game deserves anything below an 8!
This was a day one purchase for me.

These guys must be on Ninty's payroll, This is a travesty.

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KillahCam3694d ago

I think this could possibly be the worst next gen game ever I mean Hiphopgamer couldn't stand it and he called Haze a great game so you know it's bad!

juuken3694d ago can dress up a piece of sh*t but it will always remain a piece of sh*t. :/

The game had some potential but it was killed.

Stryfeno23694d ago

How come the power of the Cell didn't even try to help this game?