TeamXbox: Gin Rummy Review

TeamXbox writes: "While Xbox Live Arcade has a hot selection of hard-core games-including high-energy shooters (such as the Geometry Wars series), intricate puzzlers (such as Braid) and arcade classics/variations (such as Missile Command and the recently released Galaga Legions-there's no question that another solid chunk of XBLA titles caters to those who enjoy old style card and board games. The Hardwood series (Backgammon, Hearts and Spades) and Uno are perfect examples.

In fact, XBLA is a great medium for those games we played as kids, sharing the experience with family and friends around a table. As we get older, we spread out around the country (or world) and aren't necessarily able to get in the same room, so the online connection provides a good way to reconnect with these games and our familiar opponents. Xbox Live serves as the bridge for any geographical gap that exists, whether it's a few miles or a few thousand."

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