Opinion: Can the Xbox Strike Back With Scorpio?

Sony has stumbled for the first time in four years. Here's how, in IGN Unlocked host Ryan McCaffrey's opinion, Microsoft can capitalize.

Overload2853d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

No, being more expensive isn't the answer to the problems of a system that can't sell itself without giving something away (like games and gift cards) or being on sale.

Let's get real here.

Scorpio is just next on the list of the moments that were going to turn everything around for Xbox and never did.

Eonjay2852d ago

I could have sworn that he wrote an article like this two years ago. The problem with this article is that it doesn't address why Sony is number one. And what is the framework for striking back? He is asserting that its impossible to overtake PS4 but in the next breath says they could match them. Match them? So the problem with this is purely logistical. So, if Sony is planning to sell 20 million units this year and is already 20 million ahead... to match them, Microsoft only needs to sell 40 million units this year. Lol. so, obviously, he isn't serious. Even if Sony only sold 10 million this year, that would make 30 million ahead and that is far beyond the upper limits of production capabilities.

So, from my opinion, he is not serious so people shouldn't take this seriously.

NewMonday2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

by the time the Scorpio is out the gap could be 30-40 million

and the "stumbled" claim is nothing but the usual wishful thinking from fanboys in the bubble that gives the rest of us amusement.

it was getting boring when resignation began to sink in for the X crowd, but now we can have fun again XD

fr0sty2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Scorpio is like a girl that goes out and buys the best clothes, spends hours getting her hair and makeup just right, and by the time she makes it to the party there's only a few people left cleaning up the mess and one guy out vomiting in the yard.

freshslicepizza2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Why are those who are the least supportive the ones who seem to be the first to comment the most?

Scorpio can strike back for Microsoft who have been trying to build momentum a couple of years now. But they are not going to strike back on the PS4. Sony has done too good of a job this generation for the Xbox family to strike back.

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nix2851d ago

i've always said this... in times of doom if you need to speak to an optimistic person to cheer you up - look for xbox fanboys.

bouzebbal2851d ago

they can release a console with 1000Tflops, if it's only to play halo and gears then there is no point really.
xbox problem is, on top of their inconsistency and their amateur PR, the variety of their first party games. No matter how good they are, people still prefer something new and fresh once in a while.

UltraNova2851d ago

This is exactly why I firmly beleive that MS will go out of its way to convey the message that the Scorpio is the next gen. There is no conseivable scenario where MS ties or even surpasses the ps4 in sales, none. Its done.

Unfortunately, how do you cut ties from the xbox one without abandoning it ?

Tough times ahead for xbox owners who have a limited income.

Haru2851d ago

This guy Ryan McCaffrey is the biggest xbox fanboy i've ever seen, he keeps kissing phil's ass in every interview and keeps praising xbox and downplay playstation with every chance he gets

S2Killinit2851d ago

I think by the time Scorpio arrives people have already been used to Pro's graphics, which takes away the wow factor for scorpio. Its simply not that much more powerful than Pro.

On the other hand, im currious how MS is going to tell the xbox one and One S owners that Scorpio is a new generation and will have its own exclusives without pissing people off.

Unspoken2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Ok, just like people who are already used to the Xbox Ones graphics see the PS4 graphics and are like, meh, it's not worth it to get it because it isn't that impressive.

Heh, if you pay attention your second question is already being answered now on PC, Play Anywhere, with 4K gaming on Windows desktop and a scaled down version for Xbox One. Then they will have 2 consoles, and a wide variety of settings on all ranges of PC. See, no need for the POS4

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miyamoto2851d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Reason why?
Genuine Consumer Trust in Japan, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Europe, US,UK, exclusive games and new IPs.

PlayStation brand's foundation is pretty much well balanced on eastern and western lands while the Xbox brand has always been standing on one foot.

XbKiGaandMaar2851d ago

Yep, none of te regions you listed gives a toss about xbox. They simply don't care just like me. Xbox can be 100tf I still won't touch one.

LastCenturyRob2851d ago

Could literally care less about Japan. They are the leaders of nothing these days when it comes to gaming. On top of that mobile gaming is taking over mainstream gamin in Japan. Middle east? That's just a joke. Asia? China and Korea have already shown they gravitate vastly toward PC gaming. North America and Great Britain alone can carry MS well past 40 million units in a five year period "if" MS locks up the best versions of COD and Battlefield. With the power of the Scorpio that seams very likely. Having Halo, Gears and Forza doesn't hurt either. So yes, the Scorpio will attract developers because developers want as much power as possible for their games. If that wasn't the case PC's would not have new and significantly more powerful graphics cards every six months or so. When developers make the best versions of their most popular games on a specific console gamers flock to it. That is what happened to MS when Sony had the more powerful system this gen. There isn't nearly the same amount of console loyalty as there was even a decade ago. If the Scorpio is priced anywhere from $399 to $449 when it is released next year, it won't stay on the shelves long at all. Even at $499 it will move fast. It will be a beast of a console.

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SniperControl2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Jesus Christ Rookie, give it up man, how many accounts is that? By the time you set up a new email account, new N4G account, you could have done something productive with your life instead of writing total garbage.

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XanderZane2850d ago

More like foreign loyalty to one brand. I'm waiting for the US to do the same thing. Wonder how that would turn out.

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LastCenturyRob2851d ago

What a load of crap comment. I got news for you kid... MS did turn things around with the X1. For each gen there can only be one number one and this gen/half gen it is the PS4...That said MS is at roughly25 million X1 units sold. That is excellent numbers. The fact the PS4 is at roughly 43 million just shows how good it is as well. That doesn't mean the X1 "failed" by any stretch of the imagination.

Loktai2851d ago

fail no, no more so than gamecube failed or n64 failed or whatever, it's currently in second place.... there has to be a second place and wii U isn't in it, xbox one is.

the question of Scorpio simply isn't gong to dethrone Sony especially not a year away which is what people really mean when they say xbox failed, failed to overtake, failed to catch up or simply failed to meet certain vocal xbox fan's predictions. ... obviously it sells OK now after all the price drops, promos and so on, at least in a couple regions.

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nix2851d ago


i think Xbox 1 has sold only 12 millions. i know you'll disagree with me and ask for proof. i would like to ask you the same about 25 million.

Project Scorpio is the result of failed Xbox 1 numbers. that's all. they're simply doing what MS is good at. Shut down and restart.

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trooper_2851d ago

Turn what around exactly? The XB1 is still getting hammered by the PS4. While the XB1 isnt a complete failure, Microsoft screwed up big time.

They're still making bad decisions even now.

zeuanimals2850d ago

Oh God, there's two rooks. You guys should do what they did in the Jet Li movie, The One, and fight to the death. And to incentive you two, the winner gets the Scorpio early and Phil Spencer will marry you with the console at Microsoft HQ.

Goldby2850d ago

take this with a grain of salt s it is VG Chartz , but they put xbox one at approx. 22.25mill copites sold, including the one s

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AngelicIceDiamond2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Considering MS shot themselves in the foot multiple times with X1 reveal MS would be wise to do everything right with Scorpion. All those free games and gift cards were shades from the negative reactions still. Again MS needs to be nearly flawless with the reveal of the Scorpio then they'll be selling on its own.

"Scorpio is just next on the list of the moments that were going to turn everything around for Xbox and never did."

Correction yes they did thanks to Phil Spencer not saying X1 is perfect but tell me what other glaring problems does the X1 have at the moment right now this moment?

Btw liking Overload's posts is basically liking aggressive cancer.

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Loktai2851d ago

lack of exclusive games, both 1st and third party, lack of international /varied games, inferior installed base, often inferior versions for many multiplatform games.... those seem like enough of a problem to point it out as not being as good a buy as the PS4

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2851d ago

No Exclusives
Releasing in a year
Higher price tag

Unspoken2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Xbox/Windows brand has plenty of exclusives, are you dense or just a Sony fanboy?