Gundam Musou Comming March 1st!

The KOEI/Namco Bandai Group recently announced a new third person shooter for the PS3 called Gundam Musou, a title which features Gundams and has a Dynasty Warriors feel to it.

The release date for this title has now been announced: March 1st 2007 is when you should expect to see it in stores.

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TheBeginningOfTheEnd5437d ago

i bet its gonna suck... suck bad

Genki5436d ago (Edited 5436d ago )

The way things are looking now, it'll be a cold day in Hell before we get a Gundam game that a developer actually takes their time with. Sad. I would much rather see this a MGS caliber franchise, rather than a quick cash cow like so many other licensed products...

calderra5436d ago


How do they keep screwing this up?

OC_MurphysLaw5436d ago

Talk about rushing out a title? Hell I thought Graw2 was feeling a bit rushed in terms of time frame....but 4 or so friggin months? This game will be forgetable in everyway I am afraid.

Genki....their is one Gundam game that does seem to be taking its time to be made...thats the Gundam: Troy Ops...I think thats the title. The one for the 360. I found it very interesting ....Koei subleted the game build to another design studio while they focused on the PS3 version. Who knows...maybe, just maybe this other studio is actually trying to make a good game in the Gundam world.