Games32: Aces of the Galaxy - Game Review

Games32 writes: "In this age of Pixel Shaders, MMOs and DirectX 10, "Aces of the Galaxy" comes as a blast from the past, to remind us that arcade games are still out there, alive and kicking. Do you have what it takes to fly your spaceship through the numerous meteor belts while destroying every single enemy ship on screen?

Arcade games are somewhat of a rarity nowadays since everything seems to revolve around huge skill trees, moral choices, higher Fps or resource hoarding. What happened to those games that we used to play when we were growing up? Yes, I'm talking about the platform games that would keep us up at night trying to make that final, difficult jump and to those easy, yet challenging arcade games.

"Aces of the Galaxy" not only brings back memories of those games, but also manages to do what others have failed: to become a good game by its own, and not depend on nostalgia to keep its fan base."

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