Six Things We Don't Miss About Retro Gaming

We all wish the gaming industry to go back to simpler times. But did you ever consider that the retro gaming era had tonnes of problems too?

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BattleAxe1670d ago

The guy who wrote the article doesn't look like he's over 20 years old. He wasn't even around during the good old days of the real retro systems like the Atari 2600, NES, or even the SNES for that matter. It's always interesting to see young people talk about previous generations that they were not part of.

SarcasticDuck1670d ago

i mean, i'm 19 but i agree with you. Searching guides online? yeah i do that, but one of the charms on videogames from my childhood was me getting stuck, give up and then restarting the game and finding a way through what got me stuck the first time!

ShaunCameron1669d ago

He wasn't even born yet let alone around.