All is Fair in Love and Console Wars: Nintendo and Sega

Corporate rivalries have pushed the industry forward since the Sega Genesis. These rivalries are needed more than ever for the future of console innovation. This is part one of a three part series, All is Fair in Love and Console Wars.

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PhoenixUp858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

At various times during these console wars, Sega was fighting amongst themselves just as much if not more than they were fighting their competitors.

Also why no mention of Sega's handhelds in this article?

Lazybones2020857d ago

You are absolutely right! It is crazy to think about how differently things may have ended up if the two branches of Sega would have gotten along better. And that's a good question! I wanted to focus mainly on the home consoles themselves for this article. I may write a separate segment focusing on handheld consoles at a later date! Thank you for the suggestion!

SniperControl856d ago

Thanks for the link Phoenix, great read.

Lazybones2020856d ago

It definitely is a great article! I actually used that same source for the Sega Saturn segment.

wonderfulmonkeyman858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Am I the only one sick and tired of console wars?
It'd be so much more peaceful if there were more people out there just as willing to save up for two consoles as they were for their first one, and more gamers who could appreciate each individual console for what it is, software and all, rather than console war soldiers looking down on all but one system due to comparisons to competitors, or judging the relevancy/maturity/quality of the fanbases off of a few select games each system hosts...

Lazybones2020857d ago

I completely understand your point. Sadly a lot of folks can't afford to get both or they don't have the time too justify it. Social factors probably play one of the biggest roles in deciding on what console to buy. If one's friend's are all on one console, regardless of its features and exclusives, they are more likely to purchase that one so they can remain connected. If social gaming isn't really something the buyer is interested in, they will probably make a decision based upon different factors, like the one's you listed. All consoles are great and everyone is definitely free to make their own decision on what console they would like without judgement. They definitely do deserve to be appreciated. The businesses, however, want consumers to purchase their console so they can buy their games, accessories, etc. So they will continue to push forward this "Console Wars" agenda so gamers want to buy into their console more, even if they do own more than one.

BillytheBarbarian856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

If you want to experience peace or lack of competition try stomaching Madden NFL. No competition means no need to improve the product which creates zombies who buy the same thing year after year.

This was meant to reply to monkeyman

Jared8Randall856d ago

Nintendont is proof that puns are awesome no matter what

Lazybones2020856d ago

Nintendo is what Genisisn't doesn't quite have the same "Power" either.

Germany7856d ago

Competition is a wonderful thing and thats why exclusives are important, great exclusive games help to sell a console, its not rocket science.

Lazybones2020856d ago

I absolutely agree! Exclusive titles really personify what the brands are about.

LamerTamer856d ago

Except the console wars actually started with Atari 2600 vs Intellivision...

Artemidorus856d ago

Many have a vs moment but many know it were Nintendo and Sega pushing each other that started it.

Lazybones2020856d ago

I completely understand your point! Maybe we could discuss this rivalry in a future article!

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