TGS 2016: PS VR Resident Evil 7 is the ONLY Way to Play the Game | Geek Culture

This week at the Tokyo Game Show, Geek Culture managed to finally get their hands on a new playable demo of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In fact, they were able to play through two versions of the demo, the non-VR version as well as the PlayStation VR version. And they walked away, convinced that PS VR is the way to go, come January 2017.

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S2Killinit1741d ago

Its gonna be awesome in PSVR. Playing it on a tv i couldnt get through it alone. I got my gf to watch me play it lol the shame...

Imagine the horror in VR! (:

TheEvilResident19971740d ago

Can't wait friend this game will be a huge success!!!!!!!!

81BX1740d ago

Idk looks too intense. Lol. I was gonna pass on sony vr right away but this game in vr looks to be crazy. Ill have to play in small doses, like dead space 1

NukaCola1740d ago

I'm a believer in VR. This game is going to cause so much anxiety and it's going to be scary as sh--t

lunatic00011740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

This game is the reason I'm getting psvr this October...can't wait for re7...while I'm sad that it doesn't feel like a resident evil game...I'm hoping that even though the gameplay is changing dramatically...I hope they get the survival horror element right....I hope

S-Word1740d ago

No thanks. I'm not buying into the VR fad. It will flop just like 3DTVs & waggle controls.

mike32UK1740d ago

"wiggles controls" didn't flop... People just lost interest. The wii sold a shit tonne

amiga-man1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

S-Word, anyone who compares VR with 3D tv and motion controls lose any credibility, all you prove is how little you understand VR.

amiga-man1739d ago

Block me all you want, all it proves is how weak and irrelevant your argument is, see ya.

Summons751740d ago

RE7 is the first thing that has me interested in VR. Everything else has been a tech demo and unappealing but a true game getting VR front to back and it's not required it awesome.

scark921740d ago

Yeah, gotta give Capcom credit on that! Even though it is a good selling point alone to scare people via VR.

Tzuno1739d ago

Sadly it's a VR experience, rip biohazard.