8 Love Interests Who Died Before You Could Properly Smooch Them

OX writes: " Don't you just hate it when there's someone you like, and you're going to make a move, but then they get human sacrificed, or executed by firing squad, or turned into a fancy ghost, before you get the chance to properly smooch them. Consider these poignant pairings even less requited than Dom and Marcus.

Spoilers ahead!"

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gamer7804853d ago

Forgot Stella from FFXV...

Atomicjuicer853d ago

Can someone report this story for spoiling the upcoming game? Have some consideration for younger gamers who might otherwise enjoy this twist..

zerocarnage853d ago

(spoiler do not read if don't want to know about mad max)

Do not forget in what I call one of the saddest which is mad max. Max met hope which had a little girl called glory. Now max goes through hell through the game but there are rays of sunshine for him in hope n glory. You could see how much max was falling for hope as well as getting close to glory as well as other way round. In a world where a normal life just is not possible max manages to find the one thing that is all but rare. The thing that is saddening is that he goes to the end of the world to try and save them and on your first play through you actually think that's what's going to happen, and it could of. unless you truly know about max and the bad luck with happiness that follows him, the devs did a great job with making you believe max, hope and glory would sail into the sunset together but he had his world ripped apart again. Max becomes enraged to the point he cares little for himself and the body count rises even more so than before hope and glory's demise, the way in which they die is saddening but won't spoil that, just know that everyone involved got there deserts and max was the waiter who handed the deserts out and people suffered for it.

I actually loved hope and glory was a cool kid, they were two character I wished had not of been killed and because they did, max certainly felt even more dead inside than he had already felt from his own wife's death.

853d ago