Gravity Rush 2 preview: Delightful and quirky digital spy

Kat and the cat are back again, but is it as good?

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sonic9891775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I am waiting for you KAT this is my most anticipated game this year along with the last guardian right now the tomorrow children is making extremely happy also ratchet .
now i can say this generation has started for me keep it up sony
but really i cant stress in words how much i want this gravity rush game its just insane the story the setting the atmosphere the MUSIC, for someone like me who doesnt like mainstream hollywood style games or shooters, sony has done a great job with diversity i hope they keep it up and make this gen great
Edit : after fully reading i feel sad that this might be the final game its exciting because the story is Fantastic but being the end makes a little sad lets see how it pans out .
i hope more people buy this one