Xbox One S vs PS4 Neo – Which console should you buy?

​2016 machines go head to head.​

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NewMonday1776d ago

if you want games on the highest quality PS4Pro obviously

if you want a cheap UHD BR player the XBone1S

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bouzebbal1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Uhd bd will be enabled by fw update in the future.
So pro for me, because I'm pro games.

X1s for gears 4, Ps4 for the rest..

AndreR1775d ago

xbox is useless if you own a pc. gears 4 comes to pc to

IamTylerDurden11775d ago

Ppl don't realize that Pro will likely receive a firmware update to allow the use of UHD discs. Just like how the vanilla PS4 received an hdr firmware update. It's entirely possible, and probable.

bouzebbal1775d ago

i agree, but i'm thinking console gamers.

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n4rc1775d ago

I actually did some research on that one as I thought the same.. ps4 simply can not do HDR with a HDMI 1.4 output..

However it seems 1.4 and 2.0 is compatible, as in identical physical port.. provided the controller is capable, you can upgrade to 2.0 thru firmware.

The same is not true of uhd br that I'm aware of

TFJWM1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

@Doctor_MG The ports they used were certified for HDMI 1.4 that does not mean they are not higher bandwidth ports. When the PS4 was released they couldn't have the ports labeled as 2.0 because the spec for 2.0 was not finalized yet.

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OpenGL1775d ago

Netflix and other 4K streaming apps require HDCP 2.2 which cannot be added via updates even if the PS4 could theoretically support 4K at a higher refresh rate than 30Hz.

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PhoenixUp1776d ago

PS4 Slim deserves some love

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Xavy1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Pro all the way, Xbone s will have all its games on PC + its weak.

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LastCenturyRob1775d ago

The majority of console gamers will not build a gaming rig so why even bring PC into it?

Xavy1774d ago

Well I'm speaking for those who can + The majority favours PS so?

LastCenturyRob1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

@ Xavy...The majority of those who can? Most console gamers "can" build a gaming rig...But don't. Again, console gamers overall do not and will not game on PC. Some, of course but not many to make a huge difference. Bringing that into the equation makes no sense. Then saying "they" favor the PS? Who are "they" and how many of "them" are there? I ask this because most die hard PC gamers will not even touch a console.

DerekFlint0071775d ago

I'm not going to even dare enter into a squabble about Ps4 Pro v Xbox s/Scorpio as i will inevitably buy all of them to sate my gaming appetite, but that doesn't leave me any less furious at the pipsqueak who decided not to add a uhd blu ray to the Pro. I have shelled out a small kings ransom on my 4k tv's and was pinning my hopes on a Ps4 uhd blu ray player, in the end because of Sony's inane decision i bought an xbox slim solely for this purpose.

FamilyGuy1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

It was such a stupid decision to not include it.
They had to have forseen that there would be significant backlash about it yet they made the hard call anyway.
It was so stupid. They lost a lot of potential sales because of it

That said: they are right about the decline of disc-based movie buying/watching. And UHD bluray movies are around $30-$40 each from what little I've seen in stores making them even less appealing.
BUT acting as though 4k streaming services are just as good is just plain ignorant. There's a big difference in quality between those disc and streaming and you'd need a great connection/speed to even take advantage of what's available to begin with.

It was just so stupid.

1775d ago
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