Battlestations: Midway Exclusive Screenshots

With the release date of Battlestations: Midway rapidly approaching, Eidos revelaed another 16 exclusive screenshots!

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BIadestarX5241d ago

I'm not too sure about this game. I will wait until some major sites review it.
Jim, aren't you a Sony fanboy? Then, you don't have to post comments on xbox 360 games since we already know you think it "looks dumb". Now, if this game would be released on the PS3 than it would be a +AAA game.

JIN KAZAMA5240d ago

I am a sony fanboy, and I comment on 360 news very very rarely. Unlike ALL of the 360 fanboys that comment on EVERY SINGLE NEWS ARTICLE of the PS3.
This game looks dumb and boring, even if it came out on the PS3.
Here, i'll prove it. Dark Kingdon for the PS3 looks dumb and boring.
Just keepin it real.

Balance5240d ago

are you sure everyone isn't skeptical about this game because of how bad blazing angels was? BTW yes i am waiting until i get to play a demo for this game because it does look dumb but has potential there are alot of cool units to fly and control.

OC_MurphysLaw5240d ago

I have seen multiple demo video's of the game and from what I have seen so far this game could turn out to be quite fun, especially in multiplayer. So far the previews have been favorable. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but a real-time, war time strategy game that allows you to jump in and get your hands dirty in a 1st person type of view is something I have always wanted to see. I think this game has amazing potential and I hope it lives up to the previews I have read.

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